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Angel Moms DESTROY Alyssa Milano With Single Question

Why hasn’t Milano responded yet?

Angel Moms Mary Ann Mendoza and Sabine Durden are calling out actress Alyssa Milano over her tearful rant in which she said Border Patrol agents are “destroying” children’s live by enforcing immigration laws.

Last week, Alyssa Milano broke down on camera after watching footage of a child at the U.S.-Mexico border being reunited with the adult she came to the country with, as Breitbart News reported.

“I just watched this video of a baby being reunited with her mom,” Milano said, sobbing on camera. “What the fuck are we doing? We are destroying lives. We are destroying children’s lives because of fucking arbitrary lines in the sand.”

“We can’t let this be the new normal,” she continued. “Besides what this country was founded on — this is not innately who we are as human beings. We’ve gotta take inventory of this, of what’s happening, and the humanitarian crisis at the border. We gotta do something. We can’t ignore what’s happening. We can’t allow it to continue.”

Mendoza — who lost her son, 32-year-old police officer son Brandon Mendoza, when he was killed by a drunk illegal alien who was driving the wrong way down a highway in Mesa, Arizona in May 2014 — told Breitbart News in an exclusive statement that Milano has never shed a tear for the children trafficked across the southern border by human smugglers or the American children hurt by illegal immigration.

“The amount of children who are being trafficked is of no concern of hers,” Mendoza said. “The percentage of trafficked children is so much higher than those separated. Thank goodness our Border Patrol men and women are aware of this and are helping those children whom Alyssa has never mentioned.”

“You can’t be concerned for a handful being separated for a short time as things are sorted out and not be concerned for the sexually abused, recycled children flooding our borders arriving with men and women with ill intentions,” Mendoza continued. “Alyssa is a hypocrite and is doing this to further incite hate towards our President. If she is truly concerned about the children, fight for the American children being raped by illegal aliens in our country. Put your boots on and leave your home and go work at the borders with our Border Patrol agents for a week.

“She’s too cowardly and is a fool thinking her voice matters when she won’t step up,” Mendoza said.

Angel Mom Sabine Durden, whose son Dominic was murdered in July 2012 by an illegal alien, called Milano’s sobbing “crocodile tears” that “are not impressing or moving anyone very much” in a statement to Breitbart News.

“You do know that we have many children in America that have been separated from their parents because one or both broke the law,” Durden said directly in response to Milano. “Yes, imagine that:  Someone paying the consequences of their actions and their families suffer because of it.”

“And I’m sure, very sure, that you have heard of Angel Moms and Dads who have been permanently separated because an illegal alien killed their child,” Durden continued. “Well, I am one of them and have to now live the rest of my life without my son Dominic. You probably don’t care too much, nor would you shed a tear or even speak in sympathy of so many of us, because of your blatant dislike and animosity of our President.”

“Thousands of American children have been forever taken from their families and will never be able to be reunited, hugged or kissed by their parents,” Durden said. “So you just keep ignoring our tragedies and pain and try to persuade people that you actually care or have a real heart. No Oscar award for your poor performance.”

Src: Breitbart


  1. YEP as I said she was BLAH…BLAH…BLAH…blahsey fords acting coach, she wasn’t very convincing either.

    1. They don’t even know if the child and the adult are related, if they aren’t that child will be separated from that adult either by abandonment or sold for use as a sex slave, how do you think that child would make out then idiot Milano?

  2. I would also like to address the elites living in their ivory towers behind their high gated brickwalls how they feel about all the poor starving homeless children living on the streets in LA in rat infested garbage heaps of feces and drug paraphernalia. Do they have any crocodile tears for them or are they just concerned with children from other countries?!

  3. Regarding the human trafficking of children. Immigration Services recently did rapid DNA testing of a large number of illegal immigrants who claimed to be a family. Fully one-third of these ‘families’ were in NO WAY RELATED.

    Now who is protecting the children?

  4. Milano is so concerned about illegal immigrants and how badly they are mistreated for breaking the law and entering our country without permission. How concerned is she when she sees a veteran standing on a street corner for any reason whatsoever? Not at all. How concerned when U. S. citizen children and adults are living in their cars – if they are lucky enough to have a car – while she is sitting in her million dollar (presumably) mansion behind walls that cost more than most citizens will ever see. How concerned is she with children living in Baltmore or Los Angeles or San Francisco – all cities that should be condemned. She is reportedly worth somewhere around 45 million dollars so obviously she has nothing better to do than show how noble she is but can’t find a way to help U. S. citizens.

    1. I like your commit She has no clue lets put some of them in her home for her to take care of Oh I forgot she probably would not know how

  5. Lord Save us from the Consequences of Liberal Compassion.
    It is Allways Short-Sighted, Shallow, ill-conceived, emotion-driven, and usually at many other peoples Expense!

    Grow the F up Alyssa, I get it you live in a Hollywood bubble surrounded by yes men and other libtards with the same lack of intelligence and foresight as you- Thus you believe you are Right about all things and any of those stupid little people in states between the coast who disagree with your questionable virtue, your selfish warped sense of morality, and complete inability to see facts are all just evil conservatives right?!

    So, why was this poor abused child separated from its mother- Let’s see- she came into this country illegally (Yes it is against the Law and as you have frequently told us in regards to Trump- NO One is Above the Law) as a consequence of this action- her child was separated temporarily from her. This was done for the Safty of said child, you fool. We need to check is this really her biological mother/family member and not some baby seller, sex trafficker, slave trader, or a -rent-a-kid situation used over and over by illegal cartels. But I guess you would rather Take that Chance so as not to separate the child from its supposed Mother Right? What is you are a wrong dear and the Child is being trafficked – is that Ok, are those who suffer this consequence in your mind just collateral damage in your ever so Woke war on Trump and conservatives? If so- that makes you the Evil One, and yes those are crocodile tears designed to signal your itsy-bitsy virtue.

    Who else suffers from the consequences of your Liberal Compassion?
    American Citizens – Including Children!!!
    You do live in Hollywood Right?

    So when you are being driven in your limo to and from the Airport (harming the environment while your at it) for all your woke activism around the country, are you so fixed on your phone -Tweeting your faux outrage and charry picking which children/people who are Worthy of you compassion- Do you ever look up long enough to see the HOMELESS US CITIZENS – MEN, WOMAN, CHILDREN, ELDERLY, VETS, MENTALLY ILL, UNEDUCATED, UNMEDICATED, DRUGGED OUT, PEOPLE WHO DON’T EVEN HAVE A TOILET TO DRINK OUT OF?

    Or are you too busy reading the tweets of your sycophants and the other Dem-agogs like you to be concerned or even Acknowledge their Suffering?

    And of course the American Families who have Permanently Been Separated from their Loved Ones, by Illegals (often with a long rap sheet of crimes) are Murdered – Well we will turn a blind eye to them because you know- Americans are evil right and undeserving of your sympathies and compassion.
    The US spends about $130+ Billion dollars a year on Illegals- I bet some of those homeless people you ask your driver to find a route to the airport that avoids you having to see them, could Really Use some of those Funds!

    I hope your kids have a Nanny because with your liberal compassion the neighbors six kids would be fed before your two kids – if they were lucky enough to have anything left for them. The US does not have an obligation to feel, house, educate, medicate the poverty-stricken masses of the world when we have millions living in third world poverty right here at home.

    But your wokeness will not allow you to see the damage your short-sighted shallow liberal compassion inflicts on your own people. Unless you do and you just don’t care!

    What a JOKE You and all like you Are!

  6. So Milano thinks that national borders are nothing more than f***ing arbitrary lines in the sand? I dare her to go to ANY other country on earth and make that claim. She has to be one of the biggest morons alive, making even AOC look like a MENSA member. Even if she permanently shuts her mouth, she’ll never undue the damage now.

  7. Hey milano Why don’t you spend a couple days in one of those border towns on the mexican side of the border?
    Don’t take your entourage with you. Just you and a friend or two.

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