DeSantis Declines Potential VP Role with Trump

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, speaking at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library during a FOX Business Network and Univision-hosted Republican presidential primary debate on September 27, 2023, clarified his stance on a potential vice-presidential role alongside former President Trump.

In a conversation on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” when probed about the possibility of joining Trump as his vice president, DeSantis firmly responded, “I am in the presidential race.” He further emphasized the need for a candidate capable of serving two full terms and winning pivotal states like Georgia and Arizona. Drawing a comparison, he pointed out that while Trump struggled in these states, previous GOP nominees like McCain and Romney secured victories there.

This clarification from DeSantis follows Trump’s recent remarks where he seemed skeptical about finding a suitable vice-presidential candidate among the current GOP contenders. Referring to them, Trump commented, “They’re all seeking positions. Whether it’s a secretary role or even the vice presidency. But honestly, do we see a vice-presidential material among them? I’m not convinced.”

While Trump remains a dominant figure in the 2024 GOP presidential race, leading most national polls, DeSantis, once considered a strong competitor, has experienced a dip in his popularity in recent times.