After missing a deadline set by the Chicago PD,  “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett continues to deny all attempts to be held accountable for his actions. If that wasn’t enough, his lawyers are now threatening Chicago’s officials.

The actor was due to pay the City of Chicago $130,000 to recoup the costs accrued while investigating his claims that he was attacked in a racist hate crime.

The Chicago PD had leveled 16 counts of filing false claims against Smollett only to have the prosecution led by Kim Foxx drop all charges.

The City of Chicago now says it is preparing to prosecute Smollett for refusing to pay the fine.

In response, Smollett attorney’s have declared that trying to force the actor to pay for investigative costs is “unconstitutional.” 

Claiming the city is trying to “get a second bite at the apple once charges against a criminal defendant have been dismissed,” Smollett’s lawyers have said they will demand the Chicago PD hand over the entire investigation file, while further seeking depositions from Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, the Osundairo brothers AND their attorney.

America will be watching to see how Chicago responds.