Biden Administration Reportedly Sells Off Border Wall Materials

The Biden government has been liquidating materials from the Trump-era border wall, such as substantial amounts of iron and steel tubes, up to the day before President Biden decided to erect 20 miles of new wall.

Since April, the administration began offloading these materials discreetly on GovPlanet, a digital platform specializing in military surplus. However, it wasn’t until August that the public became aware of these activities.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) clarified in August that the sell-off aligns with the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

“Around $154 million of the approximately $260 million worth of bollard panels and related materials have been transferred following regular excess property protocols,” a representative noted. “The USACE is prepared to decide on the allocation of the remaining items.”

This decision raised concerns among House Republicans in the previous month.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., expressed his concerns on Sept. 12. “Selling border materials that were already paid for is a misuse of public funds,” he noted. “The country is grappling with an unprecedented border challenge due to the current administration’s approach. We need to utilize the resources we already have to control the surge in unauthorized border entries.”

He added, “Since President Biden took office and decided to pause the wall’s construction, these materials have been left unused and exposed to the elements. I’m eager to understand from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers about any further oversights from the current administration.”

From the sales of the 30-foot tubing in October, the government gained $115,910. In September, sales amounted to $455,100, and in August, it was around half a million from various materials.

Texas utilized some of these resources, funded by the state, to construct small portions of the border barrier.

Despite President Biden’s 2020 campaign promise that no more walls would be erected on the southern frontier during his tenure, there was a change in direction on Thursday. Through executive measures, they sidestepped 26 federal statutes, allowing for 20 miles of new wall in Starr County, Texas, using funds designated in 2019 for this purpose.

Responding to critiques, Biden remarked, “I have no control over that.”

In 2019, Congress sanctioned $1.375 billion for extra barriers in the Rio Grande Valley region, setting a spending deadline of Sept. 30. However, Biden imposed a suspension on wall construction immediately upon assuming office in 2021.

Currently, many materials are queued for auction in the coming weeks.