He shouldn’t have gone there, because Conway had a field day…

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace decided to defend the Democrats position on immigration.

He had Kellyanne Conway on his show “Fox News Sunday” this weekend and got angry at the conditions in the migrant detention facilities.

“11 days ago President Trump seemed to play down the problems that these detention centers,” he said. “If how would you describe the conditions you saw on Friday at the detention center?”

“Two things, and I was glad to make that trip because you can’t get the same vantage point. First we went to the processing facility.

“That is where — this is all in Texas. That is where families are being held and they will be held for long. Under floors, they won’t be held for long.

“I witnessed no overcrowding. We had two senators there. I was there with several Republican senators. Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee organized the code out. I was part of that,” she said.

Conway mentioned that Democrats were invited to make the trip with them but none accepted the offer from President Donald Trump.

Wallace then asked Conway to describe the conditions that she witnessed at the McAllen detention center when she visited the facility.

“Here’s my view of what I saw. As a lot of supplies, eyesight diapers, endless supplies of water. Two of those senators speak Spanish fluently and were speaking with the migrants.

“They won’t be there for long, because under our law we can’t hold them. And I think nobody really understands the tens of thousands of unaccompanied children and family units that have been released into interior of the United States just this year.

“But also what I saw is what happens when Congress gets its act together, passed a humanitarian aid, so now we have more money for consumables for processing,” she said.

“How does it help when the president, to minimize the situation and say it’s much better than what they had, or for Vice President Pence and Kevin Corke’s piece to say they are all being well treated when your own — you can look at the conditions there, it’s a disaster,” Wallace said, parroting the Democrat mantra.

“That is meant to be a 72 hour holding facility. It’s not equipped to sleep, keep a single male who have broken the law and coming here and were apprehended, if you just want to let them go, and save it, we’re just open borders,” she said before Wallace accused the United States of mistreating migrants.

“Those men get three hot meals from local restaurants. If they now have access to there were no shower facilities there to accommodate that many people in the past, but there are now.

“There’s a bank of showers in the back. They have access to food and hygienic products, they have access to toothbrushes.

“We don’t want that, but that’s why we also don’t want people to come here illegally, and I would again quote the words of President Obama.

“He thinks that having the ice enforcement action was ‘A deterrent’ from other people come here. We are a nation of laws and we are a nation of immigrants. Come here legally,” Conway said.

Wallace had no answer for that and changed the subject as he tends to do when he gets owned.

Src: The Federalist Papers