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TWISTED Pelosi Opens Fire On Melania Trump

Theres a fine line and Pelosi just crossed it…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi invoked First Lady Melania Trump when attacking the White House’s latest immigration proposal, suggesting the president was a hypocrite for wanting a merit-based immigration system.

“When the president says merit – turn it upside down. It means make America white again, have people leave, just go back and we’ll just let in people we like,” Pelosi said Wednesday while speaking at Commonwealth Club of California.

“I don’t know merit counted for when his wife’s family came into the country. I don’t know. Maybe it did. God bless them if it did. But he calls that chain migration, which he wants to get rid of  family unification, instead call it merit,” the California Democrat added. The comment was in clear reference to Melania’s parents, who became U.S. citizens after she sponsored them.

Melania’s parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, were originally from Slovenia before moving to their current home in Maryland. They officially became American citizens in August 2018, taking their oath of citizenship at a ceremony in New York City.

Foreign nationals who become permanent residents or American citizens have the ability to sponsor their immediate relatives to join them in the U.S., a process that is typically referred to “chain migration.” President Donald Trump, who has made immigration reform a hallmark of this administration, has constantly railed against the practice.

The president unveiled his long-awaited immigration proposal earlier in May. A major component of the plan includes shifting the U.S. chain migration system to a more merit-based system. The administration would prioritize high-skilled immigrants, offering more visas to those who are better educated, financially self-sufficient, younger and have job offers waiting for them in the country.

“Random selection is contrary to American values and blocks out many qualified potential immigrants from around the world,” Trump said as he announced his plan. “This will bring us in line with other countries and make us globally competitive.”

Pelosi was not the only Democrat to suggest Trump’s immigration plan was racist.

“A ‘merit based’ immigration policy is fueled toward the Latinx community. Our immigration policies shouldn’t be based on discrimination, fear, or bigotry. We should welcome immigrants to our country and offer a simple pathway to citizenship,” Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

The Democratic congresswoman’s statement attracted controversy for suggesting that Latinos did not have the skills to compete in a merit-based immigration system.

Src: The Daily Caller


  1. Pelosi is desperate to find anything to throw Trump out of office and say anything to discredit him.
    As an American I can see what the dems immigration policies have done to our country. Anything is better than what they have done.
    My suggestion to Nancy Put the booze down your making an A.. of yourself and your party.

    1. Maybe the Old Bag should go work on her Pineapple Plantation in Oahu
      picking the fruit!
      She is really losing it!
      Mu Uncle Vito has a butcher shop in Astoria, New York!
      Tenancy should visit the Establishment and purchase a POUND of brains!!!

  2. Pelosi is not qualified to hold the Office of Dog Catcher much less be Speaker of the House, and to reprosent any district. She needs to be sent to the showers before destroys the Office of speaker of the House completely

  3. When someone takes a principled position, even though it may impact close friends or relatives, we generally call that admirable Nancy.

  4. The citizenship of Melania’s parents was legal and standard practice for many years.

  5. Is it something in the water or maybe the sauce that totally distorts the Dem’s thinking? What part of “merit based immigration” has anything to do with racism? Did Nancy Peolsi just say that only white people have anything to contribute to the US? We have legal immigrants of all ethnicities including doctors, scientists, programmers, professional and other people that contribute to our society. Whites may well be in that minority of merit based immigration pool.

    And what part of chain migration is it they don’t understand? Melania’s family came here as one unit-legally. They followed through and got citizenship. All according to law.

    Illegals come here, well, illegally. Then they want to bring their relative here, well, illegally. And, they all want to sponge on our system-how does that contribute to anything but the national debt? There is a thriving industry for pregnant Chinese women coming here to have an anchor babies. That easy? yes, that easy. Chain migration anyone? Well yah, anyone.

    Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, the same governing body that made the rules on immigration. Why is it that the same governing body does not believe in the laws they made? Have they developed a new way of legislating off the cuff, the same things they are accusing President Trump of doing.

    If they want President Trump to follow the rules, the Dems should be setting an example. However, the example they have now is nothing but the House of Chaos. Nancy, either follow the rules, legislate changes or just eliminate the legislative body completely.

    1. The last nine words of your comment I can get onboard with!

      “legislate changes or just eliminate the legislative body completely.”
      Toss every single one of them out who have been in for more then two terms (if the Presidency can only have two terms why do the rest of these political crooks think they can stay in for 40+ years and then be replaced by their Kids?! Enough, we could go to the phone book and choose 400 people at random and do better then these do nothing self-important arrogant hypocrites who either neglect their duties or pass harmful laws that the exempt themselves and their families from before passing them.
      Enough – Term Limits! Its the only way we will get our country back on track.

  6. PELOSI is suffering TDS , senility, dementia and has no business in public office of any kind including Animal control Officer.!!

  7. Nancy Pelosi has the morals of a bitch dog in heat Many “deals” have been made in the bedroom over the years. She was a good looking woman in her day and some of the old politicians are walking on eggshells now, afraid they will be found out. That’s the only reason she was reinstalled as speaker. The old guys put pressure on the juniors to get her back up there afraid the cover would blow off of their past if they did not. And today the big push to get rid of the president is because of the same reason. They will be exposed at some point as the president attempts to “drain the swamp”.

  8. Under President Trump’s proposal, some people would still be allowed in, based upon family ties; just not quite so many.

    To claim that “merit” is just a euphemism for BIGOTRY is to imply that Latinos (and others who are not of European descent) are simply incapable of making it under a system that is largely predicated upon skills.

    Is this what the left really wishes to imply?

  9. How many generations can they go back? When you think about it, in some countries if you go back far enough, every person is related to every other person. Danmark for example. So, the way the progressives want it, the entire population could immigrate just by letting one in.

  10. Where to these democrats get off putting words in Trump’s mouth. He means what he says, and not what they say he means. They can’t take him down with the truth, so they will try to take him down with lies.

  11. Democrats like to twist Presidents words, to what they think he is saying. They only have listen, They don’t even believe in the laws they made and now want to change them to the way of socialist laws/communist laws, and destroy any law our country was founded on.
    A politician should not be allowed to remain in their position as a long life career, there should be term limits, and no benefits when they get out, after all they received all kinds of free benefits when serving, now they want full benefits when they get out of it, costing tax payers more money. If they would stop wasting so much of our tax money on bogus law suits, investigations, counter investigations, and stop wasting precious time trying to destroy our President things could be better. What democrats can’t accept is they are no long in control of the White House, and they can’t get our Presdient to stand done to their level of cheating, stealing, and corruption and cover ups like they have been doing for more then 40 years. If President Trump were a democrate we’d have the wall, medical insurance etc., but He isn’t he works for the peopdle not against them and for themselves, nor does our Presdient want to destroy AMERICA or her people, he wants to make and keep us safe and also our Country safe. He has done more in 2 yrs then an president in teh last 40 years, and it is for the good of the people. He doesn’t give the terrorist pallets of money, or guns, titanium, etc., he doesn’t want our military to be small, he wants us stronger, and more. He wants to put space program back in full force. Democrats don’t like it that he is a man of doing things and will continuing doing things with or without them on board to make our nation strong again. FIRE THE LEFT OER DEMOCRATS and politicians who have been serving under Obama administration then maybe we will get something done, and STOP allowing muslium to run for office, or a socialist or communist to become involved in our government, most likely giving information to their country leaders. They need to be released of duty ASAP and as for fake news I don’t watch it, I read Presidents tweets or statements on line, no news here it is so twisted and full of out and out lies.

  12. So Nancy, who rails against walls to keep Illegals out yet lives behind high walls and recently had some illegals on her property arrested – Calls Trump and his wife hypocrites for sponsoring her family and saying immigration should be merit-based. What this Hypocryt failed to say was her family fit the merit-based definition as they are educated and financially self-sufficient (they did not come here with nothing, and then seek taxpayer-funded public services.)

    “The administration would prioritize high-skilled immigrants, offering more visas to those who are better educated, financially self-sufficient, younger and have job offers waiting for them in the country.”

    But hey, she is pushing 80, senility/dementia has been rearing its ugly head and she may not have given what she said adequate thought….lol yeah that must be it.

    Now let’s ask her why she does not tare down those walls around her mansions/estates and winery. Think of how many illegals could be rightfully housed there Nan, we know you have a big heart- after all you virtue signal it daily in your holier than thou rants, so walk your talk girl.

  13. Mrs Trump’s parents followed legal immigration system! they didn’t come “illegally” & expect Americans to give them FREE housing, education, medical care, food & lots of other things. many “illegals” HATE AMERICA! they’re here to get what they can for FREE & destroy America! muslims come to take over America! it’s muslims mission to take America & make it a muslim country! to destroy us from inside instead of using military! God bless President Trump! Donald Trump loves America! Pelosi builds wall around her mansion to keep out “unwanted” guests but she’s all for open borders to let “unwanted” guests onto other people’s land! God bless America & wake up Americans to keep our country safe from “unwanted” guests that keep coming in “uninvited”!

  14. The standard Cronyism is rejected by Trump. The I’ll wash your hands if you wash my hands of malfeasance is rejected by Trump. The standard, ‘Lose gracefully if you are a Republican’ is rejected by Trump. Pelosi hates that Blackmail isn’t respected by Trump, that smear isn’t respected by Trump…… Pelosi hates that everything that works as being a Democrat… simply won’t work… now even the bringing out a “Independent” Republican to run against Trump using Amash to split a National Race will be tried while the Dems again are setting up cheating to assure Biden is crowned the Dem Candidate………………………..
    It won’t work… Americans see what the standards have been for 1/2 a Century and will see it even better with Barr exposing a dozen past administration officials.

  15. Pelosi better watch out! Mrs Trump is not the President–she is a private citizen and pelosi can be sued in court for her comments. As a citizen in this country–I would recommend that Mrs Trump take you to court and sue you for very dollar you have and will get. You have no right to say anything bad about the first lady. Remember she has more money then you and is a private citizen. I as citizen of the state of CALIFORNIA- I think she should sue you and take all you have.

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