They don’t want him exposing their secret.

Recently, President Trump warned American citizens that if Biden were to be elected as president, then China would benefit from it.

Trump stated, “If Biden wins, China wins. It’s as simple as that.”

During a rally in North Carolina, Trump spoke about all the wicked things Biden has been doing throughout his career as a politician.

“For half a century, Joe Biden shook hands with blue-collar workers and then he turned around and immediately stabbed them in the back. He closed the factories in Baltimore and sent them to Beijing. They were all sent to Beijing … He shuttered the plants in Chicago and sent them to Shanghai.”

Trump also stated the reason why he’s running for re-election again. He said, “I am running for reelection to keep jobs at home, to put violent criminals behind bars and to ensure that the future belongs to America, not China and other countries.”

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