Let’s be honest, most of America LOVES Trump and Nancy Pelosi just saw that…

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was met with scores of President Trump’s supporters as she arrived to speak at a South Carolina Democratic Party fundraising event in Greenville on Friday.

Protesters chanted, “Trump, Trump, Trump” and held up signs saying, “Impeach Pelosi” and “Make America Great Again,” among other statements in support of the president. Protests were organized by local chapters of the Republican Party to voice support for the president at a time in which congressional Democrats are ramping up their efforts to begin a formal impeachment inquiry.

“She’s not doing anything for the American people,” Joan Boyce, who arrived hours ahead of Pelosi, told the State, a local newspaper. “And this impeachment that she’s trying to push, it’s ridiculous. The country doesn’t want impeachment. All it’s doing is make people fight against each other, and that’s all she’s accomplishing.”

Boyce was joined by hundreds of Trump supporters who gathered to protest the arrival of the Democratic leader of the House of Representatives.

“As [South Carolina] Sen. Lindsey Graham says, a whole lot of a big nothing burger,” said Greenville County GOP Chairman Nate Leupp. “I think in the end, it’s going to backfire on the Democrats.”

Pelosi echoed a now-familiar speech in support of impeachment of the president, noting that Sept. 17, the day Congress learned of the existence of the whistleblower complaint about Trump’s controversial phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, was also “Constitution Day.” From inside the Hyatt in Greenville on Friday, Pelosi noted that this was a “sad time for our country.”

Src: Washington Examiner