Amidst the trade deal with Mexico, President Trump said that trade negotiations with Canada will start “shortly.” He added that Canada’s tariffs on dairy products are unacceptable and that the easiest move would be to put tariffs on cars from Canada.

Trump said, “Canada, we’ll start negotiations shortly. I’ll be calling the prime minister very soon, and we’ll start negotiation. And if they’d like to negotiate fairly, we’ll do that. You know, they have tariffs of almost 300% on some of our dairy products. So, we can’t have that. We’re not going to stand for that. I think with Canada, frankly, the easiest thing we can do is to tariff their cars coming in. It’s a tremendous amount of money, and it’s a very simple negotiation that could end in one day and we take in a lot of money the following day, but I think we’ll give them a chance to probably have a separate deal. We could have a separate deal or we could put it into this deal … We will see whether or not we decide to put up Canada or just do a separate deal with Canada, if they want to make the deal. The simplest deal is more or less already made.”