President-elect Donald Trump has named Republican National Committee (RNC) strategist Sean Spicer to be his press secretary, the transition team announced in a statement Thursday.

In addition, Hope Hicks was named Director of Strategic Communications, Jason Miller was named Director of Communications, and Dan Scavino was named Director of Social Media.
All four members of the press department will also share the same “assistant to the President” title — an apparent signal that they will be on equal footing.

Hicks and Scavino are longtime Trump loyalists who had been with the campaign from the very beginning, serving in similar roles on the campaign.

Miller, who previously worked with Sen. Ted Cruz‘s presidential campaign, joined the campaign after the primary race.

And Spicer, the communications director and chief strategist of the RNC, took a more direct role in the campaign’s communications in August.
Miller and Spicer have led the daily transition media calls since Trump’s election.
Spicer’s appointment to the role of the administration’s mouthpiece had been long expected. He’s well known both with the press and on Capitol Hill, unafraid to play the role of the attack dog for the party and its nominee throughout the election.

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