Las Vegas (CNN)Donald Trump returns to Nevada Wednesday for the final presidential debate in a state that is critical to his path to the White House — and one where he has remained tied with Hillary Clinton despite all the turmoil rocking his campaign.

Nevada has been kind to Trump, handing him a resounding victory in this year’s caucuses that helped him clinch the Republican nomination, even though he had little in the way of a campaign apparatus and hundreds of volunteers who were entirely new to the presidential process.

The Republican Party is trying to match the enthusiasm of Trump’s Nevada supporters with resources, conducting volunteer trainings all over the state this year in an effort to turn Trump’s eager supporters into phone-banking and door-knocking regulars. Their biggest challenge will be to catch up with the formidable Democratic machine, powered by labor in a state where union power is strong.
In the latest CNN/ORC poll this week, 46% of likely voters planned to support Clinton, 44% said they would support Trump and 7% said they would support Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

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