They weren’t expecting this…

White House trade advisor Peter Navarro recently appeared on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” and blasted China saying there should be protest signs reading, “China lied American died,” because of their roll in spreading the coronavirus.

According to Breitbart, Navarro stated, “Let’s be clear what the Chinese Communist Party is doing right now behind this crisis that they forced on the world, they’re sinking ships in the South China Sea, invading India, trying to steal our vaccines. I know I will be criticized for what I’m about to say. I would like to see one sign out there that says China lied, Americans died. The bigger context here as we struggle to get back to full economic strength is that China has a plan to take us over and take the world over. That’s not hyperbole. All you need to do is look at what they’re doing, what the reaction is. Let’s remember what they did. They spawned that virus. They hid the virus. They sent it on airplanes around the world, to seed America and the rest of the world. Now we’ve got 100,000 Americans dead, and we’ve got 40 million Americans on the unemployment line, trillions of dollars of economic wealth destroyed.”

You can watch a clip of Navarro’s comments here.

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