They are disgusting people…

Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin, hosts of “The View,” recently attempted to bait Sen. Lindsay Graham into blaming President Trump for the responses him and his administration are making during the coronavirus pandemic.

They should have known that he would not bite and is in support of President Trump and his efforts.

Behar asked Graham, “Here’s my question. Trump has a massive ego, and he rated himself a ten. Name everything he’s done right. Name three things he’s done right, and then I want to hear three things he’s done wrong.”

Graham replied saying, “The first thing he did, which I think was January 31st, stopped travel from China. The Chinese are the bad guy here if you are looking for a bad guy. I don’t want to look for it, but the China travel ban probably saved us a lot of heartache, and he eventually imposed it on Europe, and I think he’s followed the advice of Dr. Fauci and Birx. On March 13th, he declared a national emergency and imposed the guidelines we have today. I think those were three things that have flattened the curve and kept the exposure in the United States down.”

On what we need to do better, I think the key to me is testing. I can’t really blame the president, but we are struggling with testing on a large scale. You really can’t go back to work until we have more tests that shows who has it and who doesn’t, and we’re beginning to turn the corner on that.”

Hostin interjected and stated that Trump should be accused of downplaying the coronavirus.

Graham answered perfectly saying, “I think he’s done a good job. I blame China. The person you left out here is the Chinese system, not a person, but this virus came out of China. It didn’t come out of the United States. The Chinese lied to the world about the nature of the virus.”

Watch a clip of the whole interaction here.

Image Credit: YouTube