How sheer stupidity of this comment is outrageous.

In a ridiculous turn of event, Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View” claimed that President Trump driving around waving at his supporters from his motorcade was “was right out of a dictator’s playbook.” Behar apparently forgot President Trump had COVID-19 and was keeping distance from others.

According to Breitbart, Behar stated, “Well, when I watched that — I’m watching that car, the parade yesterday with him in the car, that was right out of a dictator’s playbook, you know? Parade the dictator around so that the world and America — the country can see that he’s still alive and he’s still robust. But, you know, I thought to myself — usually, the hostages are not driving the car. The thing about getting it, he certainly gets it now. Now that I get it, this coronavirus, it’s not a hoax anymore. That’s what he learned. He didn’t learn that 200,000 people and counting have died from this.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

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