Newly released footage of the 2014 and 2015 National Abortion Federation trade shows reveal abortionists discussing the difficulties they face in their jobs, such as “the head that gets stuck that we can’t get out,” and “an eyeball just fell down into my lap, and that is gross!”

The video, published to YouTube on Wednesday, is the work of Center for Medical Progress leader David Daleiden who, along with co-defendant Sandra Merritt, has been charged with 15 felony counts under California’s law protecting “confidential” conversations.

Daleiden’s criminal defense attorneys say the California Attorney General’s interest in his case is “entirely political, meant to manipulate the law to do the bidding of their benefactors at Planned Parenthood.”

Former Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley & Associates (SCA) are defending Daleiden, the journalist who released the series of videos in 2015 that shocked the nation as they brought attention to the fetal tissue procurement industry.

The undercover investigation led to congressional probes into allegations that Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of babies aborted in its clinics for a profit, and to vehement cries for the elimination of Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding.

Cooley and former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Brentford J. Ferreira are launching a new media resource page that features all the filings in the case against Daleiden and all the videos mentioned by the California AG in their complaint, including those that have never been seen before.

In the new video, which is a compilation of excerpts from video filmed at the trade shows, abortionist Dr. Susan Robinson of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte is heard saying, “The fetus is a tough little object and, taking it apart, I mean taking it apart on day one is very difficult.”

Dr. Lisa Harris, medical director of Planned Parenthood Michigan, is also heard saying, “Let’s just give them all the violence, it’s a person, it’s killing, let’s just give them all that.”

Director of abortion services for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Dr. Ann Schutt-Aine states in the video, “If I’m doing a procedure, and I’m seeing that I’m in fear that it’s about to come to the umbilicus [navel], I might ask for a second set of forceps to hold the body at the cervix and pull off a leg or two, so it’s not PBA [partial-birth abortion].”

SCA states the prosecution from the California AG against Daleiden is “grossly politically-motivated.”


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