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The Injustice Of The Mueller Report

When the Mueller Report was released, it showed that President Trump was innocent of any collusion with Russia and ultimately cleared his name, yet it’s still taking a toll.

The latest Reutuers\Ipsos poll shows that Trump’s approval rating has dropped to 37 percent and his disapproval rating grew to 56 percent after the report was released. 

This is what Trump meant when he exclaimed that the report was “terrible” and would not favor him. 

Even though the report exonerated him, its mere release skewed the president’s image with 68 percent of respondents saying they were now “more likely to believe that President Trump or someone close to him broke the law.”

As President Trump points out, all of this negativity was planned and brought on by the Democrats. 

Democrats knew there was nothing to find with the investigation but pursued it anyway just to smear Trump’s name. With the worst part being that the plan has been working. 


  1. Okay, so it is ok for Obama to tell all those lies about the ACA, which really negatively affected all Americans.
    Okay, it’s for Bush to lie about WMDs and get us into a two war from which many live and cost Americans billions of dollars and messed up our economy.
    Okay, so it is okay for Clinton to lie about sexual abuse and harassment.
    Democrats and RINOs are morons.

    1. Obama did not tell “all these lies about the ACA”. More Americans now have health care than than in any time in all our history. It was not OK Bush and Cheney lied about WMDs, Hillary did not lie about sexual abuse and harassment, she was completely vindicated when Ken Star and the FBI determined Bill Clinton did not engage in sexual abuse and harassment. Melania Trump is the greater enabler, not just because Trump has five times more accusations of sexual assault, but because she denies everything and complains even though her husband has not been held to the same standards of scrutiny and adjudication Bill Clinton was put through.

      1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….poor little jr, but hey you are entertaining little guy!!

    2. Yes apparently the leftgwt yo play by a different rule book. Not just the positions either, personally the stunt Jesse Smollett should of not only been charged with the initial charge but as a HATE crime! The scheme to state it was MAGA country (in Chicago, for real the No Trump zone) and lie to the authorities that they poured bleach on him and beat him up, etc was done to create more discord and divisiveness in this country. That discord and discord was intended directly at EVERY single person who voted for Donal Trump in’s the 2016 election. Smiley “supposedly” plotted this little debacle because he felt he wasn’t getting enough money, fame or recognition for his last role he has since been let go of. GTFOH that was NOT the reason and I would think any person with any common sense would know that! There is ALWAYS the constant diatribe about Trump creating all this discord and hate in our country, he gets blamed for everything. The last I heard he was even blamed for the wacko who was sending out pipe bombs to Democratic politicians!! Right, now he is responsible for every mentally unstable person walking the streets of this country and any violence they create? What ever happened to mental health institutions? They used to be around, I guess everyone had been cured.
      In closing I will repeat Jesse Smollet (in my opinion but have no proof,we no longer need that in the US any longer pulled that stunt (with his paid MAGA representatives) sole purpose of doing that was to create even more hate and discord in this country and it was directed at Republicans so not only did he NOT get charged with a HATE crime but they dropped all charges! Something fishy went down with that.

    3. They are more than just morons, they are the scum of the earth. These lowlife political misfits are out to get President Trump with their fabrications of wrong doing. They nest together like cockroaches.

  2. What is wrong with all you stupid Republicans that are abandoning ship. You promised to stick with the Trump Train all the way to the end and you knew it was going to get very bad when he said he was going to drain the swamp. It was going to take a long time to bring them to justice and he is doing just what he said he would do and all that was asked of you is to support him. We knew the Democrats were going to lie and make up stories but you were asked to stand firm. If you do not stand firm and support Trump who we voted into office, we are going to get more of the same under Obama and even worse with Socialism. Think before you help to destroy America. Stand firm with OUR President Trump and help him succeed. You are smart enough to know when you are being lied to and persuaded to vote their way. Be smart and stand firm with President Trump. Let’s help make America great again.

    1. I’m sure your singular position will not be noticed or missed. However, the majority of this country has had a very opinion of Trump, in fact he has the lowest rated presidency at this point than any previous president in 80 years. Republicans have a 37% approval, Democrats 45%.

  3. Well they are DemonRaTs and that means immunity. The fact that they were guilty and I believe the lame lib stream media, knew it from the beginning did not matter, because their mission remove President Trump from office they simple put on blinders and at a huge price to taxpayers, simply proceeded to gather enough support to achieve their goal. Now America is privy the real FAKE NEWS that has driven the lib press to stay away from letting the cat out of the bag, (TRUTH).

  4. Exactly! There is so much corruption in our government that it’s almost impossible to get them all. That’s why every red blooded American must vote to reelect our President Trump so we will have a fighting chance!

  5. Quote: “When the Mueller Report was released, it showed that President Trump was innocent of any collusion with Russia and ultimately cleared his name, yet it’s still taking a toll.”
    This is patently false and misleading. There is no legal term of “Collusion” to levy criminal charges. The Mueller Report states clearly they were constrained and their investigation was narrowly defined, do to some disputed DOJ opinion that no president can be indicted while in office.
    Muller also stated that if they had found Trump completely innocent they would have stated so, and they did not. This is why the Report could not exonerate Trump and it leaves the House Oversight to do the investigations the Mueller Report was too limited to pursue.

  6. Approval polls are a voodoo processes in which the favorite or the targeted are character favored or diminished based on CEO’s politics, same folks who conduct the very polling, let’s not forget the 2016 fake pollings. But it is meant to be this way so that next time polling would be done according to what actual Americans think, not what the “system” of polling manufactures based on those so called info “gods/voodoo intelligence” or poll sponsors. We all know that when Satan visited any of those areas truth became fiction and vice versa, just like FBI Comey and his Hilary’s gross negligent= “hail satan/hitler” conclusion with his personal un-FBI fashion of tactics.
    All this spells reformation, let those that consider themselves gods and hold high positions be cast off and treated accordingly in tribunal courts /treason charged, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  7. There is still an elephant in the room. Is no one going to investigate, report on, and hold accountable those involved on FISA warrents with no legal basis and the resultant spying and wire tapping of the trump campaign? Is no one going to expose the information which would have been damaging to the Clinton campaign? What was in those e-mails which would have exposed illegal activities by Hillary and unsecured e-mails containing classified information?

  8. Now the dimwit demoncrats are flailing to find something of an innuendo:

    “There is a suggestion that some unidentified person may have thought of something that might have suggested the possibility that they maybe were thinking of obstructing justice, though they were never proven to have gone beyond the supposed politically incorrect thinking… they should possibly be considered for prosecution for thought crimes!”

  9. I’m convinced that the foes of our president have tirelessly worked to show him guilty of unfounded crimes. I’m praying that he’ll be found innocent of these things and be allowed to continue his job of making our country great again, just as he promised when elected.

  10. I have been democrat all my life, but now I would not vote democrat if that was the last person on this earth to vote for, they have show there true color, Obama needs charges brought up againts him, they have kept this country turn up side down for 2 years, we need to move forward and work together!

  11. Time declassify the FISA warrent information. Then lets see who want this whole thing to go away.

  12. Who was the SOB that said Mueller was an upstanding person? BS, the guy is as dastardly as any of the lousy Democrat freaks!

  13. the “poll” who do you think pays for those polls and anybody with a brain knows you can skew a poll. if the people of this country are dumb enough to not now realize this was an attempt to over through our government by the deep state (beltway idiots who are funded and owned by the billionaires of the one world order group) then it’s over the communists won hello russia, cuba, venezuela and etc.

  14. Until we get the Left Wing Nut Socialist Democraps and Rhino’s out of all of our government systems, we will be turned upside down. These dictator bound criminals will not stop. They have alresdy ruined many of our cities, counties, states and a lot of our federal government. The only way to stop this nightmare that is destroying the U.S. Of A. is to vote them out of all of our government systems. They are even using our educational system to brain wash our children. After they are denied elected positions them we have to start clearing house of the propaganda coming from hired workers. It is going to take a long time to turn this nightmare around. We the people got a little to lazy in thinking that we could not do any thing about what was happening. I was even to the point of my vote was only good to the point of voting for the lesser of 2 evils until Donald Trump Came along. I knew he would be the best, because both Democraps and rhino Republicans were against him. We the people won when he was elected and he has had to fight a battle from all sides every since. We the people can get involved and vote people end that will work for us and with President Trump, and turn this night mare around and truly make America Great Again. We need people in government positions that are not greedy lawyers.

    1. Trump put him into the position he held, knowing he was dishonest,and a crook.All the people that were fired or quit were Trumps chosen ones. He knew of their backgrounds and he hired them anyways. He has had over twenty of his own hired or appointed people Resign, Quit, or was Fired. Takes a dishonest crook to rely on dishonest crooks.He’s getting what Trump brought into himself!If he’s so great why did he not allow an USAGovt.official in the room with him when talking to Putin? If he’s innocent of any of these charges, why has he hired so many personal lawyers, to get him out of his own messes?

  15. Obama and Clinton’s are reason for all is happening now. Where are thier tax returns

  16. Please, AG Barr, start an investigation immediately into the entire Witch Hunt. Mr. President, declassify all the FISA warrants and 302’s so that the American people can see and understand what went on and how our agencies were politicized and weaponized.

    1. I’m sure my response will not be approved!!! lol,and ( No I did not vote for Hillary!)

  17. The Democrats are nothing more than a bunch of liars and cheats. They stay in office with empty promises and throw taxpayer dollars around as if it were their own slush fund. They act childish when proven wrong and double down on their lies. Time to investigate Congress for the hush money paid for their sexual indiscretions, forbid them from writing books until out of office (just another way of bypassing laws on political contributions), and prohibit founding of foundations within 10 years of leaving office. Every foundation should be subject to audit. And lastly, have a federal voter ID for all elections. Democrats fear this more 6than anything, because voter fraud is now their only hope for beating Trump. Barr is the man to get the investigations and prosecutions under existing laws. Keep the Dems and Rhinos runnings scared!!

  18. The FISA system seems to be essentially up for sale… Now we know Verizon got a FISA… to enable data collection on all its customers… anything and everything. Not a Intel Agency, not a law enforcement Agency… but a private corporation’s legal team.
    I’m sure it all helped with marketing… and Verizon owns Yahoo and Huff-n-Puff which propagandizes on behalf of Verizon- Yahoo writer even got inserted on a FISA to investigate ‘Russian Collusion’ met with Steel of Fusion One and later lied to the FBI about meeting Steele.
    No one knows just how many times this behavior has happened.. but we do know others, “Contractors’, were accessing Data bases of the NIA which SHOULD mean with a approved Warranting….. and we pretty much can believe that one of the Contractors’, private individuals, were Fusion One… a foreign based company with ties to Russians, Australia and English ‘Intel’ orgs.
    It seems the Secret Court FISA system is not only up for sale, but totally corrupted. With a ><2003 for some 90 corrupt FISAs… he knows what a bad FISA looks like, where evidence doesn't exist.. hence him getting "Expanded Scope" in the "Russian Collusion"- at least 4 FISA warranted investigation evidence chain.
    99%… 90 prior 'bad FISAs, just who is directing misuse of the FISA system and secret Courts? Maybe better is to ask who isn't!!

  19. The Theatre of the Absurd is nothing compared to what’s going on in government now. Maybe always did. The disgraceful actions of the democrats is an extremely sad day for America. They’ll do and say anything to destroy anyone who stand in the way of their agenda. Stoop to any level. Pure Trash. We may never recover the damage being done. God forbid Present Trump get angry and try at all costs to protect the office of the President against lies by bought and sold power hungry weasels. Where’s Jonathan Swift. Although I doubt the American public would even know what that means. Hang tough folks. It’s gonna get rough.

  20. Hey Shelly- keep voting ,we need more idiots like you . Clinton a self- confessed liar and convicted perjurer, he sure was proven innocent

  21. President Trump is innocent or with all that Mueller was looking for he would have brought up charges against him that he wanted to do. Even Mueller realized he had NOTHING on President Trump and could NOT charge him. HE IS INNOCENT…..The Democrats are so stupid, don’t they realize that every time they go after Trump for stupid things, it ruins their chance of having anyone believe them in their run for office. So far with all their bad mouths, lying and made up stories, there isn’t a single one that I would vote for, they are a total corrupt party. They have totally ruined the run for office in the USA. Stand strong for President Trump and help him drain the swamp and make America great again.

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