When the Mueller Report was released, it showed that President Trump was innocent of any collusion with Russia and ultimately cleared his name, yet it’s still taking a toll.

The latest Reutuers\Ipsos poll shows that Trump’s approval rating has dropped to 37 percent and his disapproval rating grew to 56 percent after the report was released. 

This is what Trump meant when he exclaimed that the report was “terrible” and would not favor him. 

Even though the report exonerated him, its mere release skewed the president’s image with 68 percent of respondents saying they were now “more likely to believe that President Trump or someone close to him broke the law.”

As President Trump points out, all of this negativity was planned and brought on by the Democrats. 

Democrats knew there was nothing to find with the investigation but pursued it anyway just to smear Trump’s name. With the worst part being that the plan has been working.