After the United Nations’ perfidy last week, throwing Israel to the wolves yet again in a resolution condemning the Jewish state, plenty of conservatives were furious.

They were even more furious that the Obama administration did nothing about it, instead abstaining from voting on the agreement they could have vetoed.

Sen. Ted Cruz, the one-time Republican presidential challenger and a staunch defender of Israel, was one of the most angry voices in Washington. In a scathing statement, the Texas Republican rebuked the Obama administration and called on the incoming Trump administration to defund the United Nations for its actions against Israel.

““For eight long years, the Obama administration has worked systematically to undermine the nation of Israel,” Cruz wrote. “They actively worked to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu, and illegally used U.S. taxpayer funds to do so. Never has there been a more anti-Israel administration, and today’s United Nations vote is the culmination of their systemic agenda to weaken Israel and strengthen its enemies.”

Cruz proposed several ways to meliorate the damage caused by the resolution, including completely revoking American funds from the United Nations.

““I also emphatically second the call of my colleague Sen. Lindsey Graham that the consequences of this disgraceful U.N. resolution should be severe,” Cruz wrote.


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