Behind the Poll:

Two Republican legislators in Arizona have announced legislation that would improve civics education for K-12 students in the state by teaching about the evils of communism. 

State Rep. Quang Nguyen’s family fled communist Vietnam, and House Majority Leader Ben Toma’s family fled communist Romania. Nguyen said: “I have lost very close family members to the evil ideology of communism. I know what it feels to lose a nation to communism and that’s why I do not want my fellow Arizonans to ever go through what I have.”

He continued: “It is up to us to ensure that future generations have an honest understanding of what communism truly is and the horrors it has produced for mankind. Otherwise, it is likely to be repeated. The victims and survivors of communism deserve to have their voice heard.”

Should students be taught the evils of communism, or is that a step too far?