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Senate Republicans Refuse This Democrat Demand

Not for the first time, Senate Republicans following Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell have denied Democrats from trying to pass a measure that would coerce the Justice Department into making special counsel Robert Mueller’s report open to the public.

After overrunning the House of Representatives with an unchallenged vote of 420-0 to release the report, hitting a brick wall has Democrats miffed.

“There is no good reason not to make the report public,” Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer complained.

While Attorney General William Barr has claimed that he will be as transparent as possible, McConnell believes that rushing things will only lead to poor results.

“It’s not unreasonable to give the special counsel and the Justice Department just a little time to complete their review in a professional and responsible manner,” McConnell stated.


  1. There are reasons (which the left will NOT accept) to not release the entire report. It is against the law to release Grand Jury testimony and there may be classified material in the report that can not be released. That is what the Attorney General is reviewing to make he does not break the law and also protects classified material.

  2. too bad Schumer, Hillary lost because she was a terrible liar, and Russia had nothing to do with it. Get over it and maybe think about actually doing something beneficial for America, instead of your pure political vendetta.

    Oh and before every Jew in this country abandons the Democrat party you need to actually defend our best ally in the Middle East instead of trying to be politically correct to Radical Muslims.

  3. There was no good reason why Pelosi and Shumer couldn’t give Trump the money that he had asked for to build his wall. Touche.

  4. “There is no good reason not to make the report public,” Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer complained.

    Ah there is this thing called THE LAW. Is that not a good reason? It’s the ONLY thing the AG says will prevent him from disclosing the whole report.

    Stop playing games Schumer. We’re on to you!

  5. Funny, where was this same concern for openness and transparency for Bengazi, Fast & Furious and Killory’s e-mails? These evil, vile bastards will need to be stopped physically before they relent – in my opinion!

    1. Agree Dave. I’ll go to my grave believing that the Ambassador in Bengahzi was purposely killed because he knew TOO much. The proof to me is the absolute denial of his request for security and Obama and Hillary disappearing when Bengahzi was attacked. These type of things should have been stringently investigated then. But the door is still open if Schumer and Pelosi were close to sincere.

  6. Wake-up you folks on the left! No Conspiracie committed by our President! You must move on and start doing the job you were elected to do. Stop harassing our President! By the way, please tell Maxine for us that President Trump got in our heads the Moment he was elected President, Praise the Lord. Our President is do a terrific job and we the people are not tired of winning! Keep up the great work President Trump. We are behind you 100%. MAGA

  7. Mueller and his hit squad were the darlings of the left when he was appointed. He is unable to find any wrong doing and now the left are up in arms with the findings.

  8. There will have to be an acceptance that ‘the first black President’ was just another corrupt person in politics.. before Yates.. or Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Rosenstein… all the last administration officials involved are held to task. The closer one gets to last President being involved, the greater the resistance to his underlings getting the microscope treatment. It doesn’t help that by far the bulk of Republicans don’t care and it will happen again and again. If caring the slightest, then they believe ‘its for the best’ to forget about it and move on with their own individual desires to get rich while in office.
    Mueller was called before a Judge years ago to explain just how 92 other FISA warranting procedures could have gotten screwed up and how to fib the system… here we had Mueller.. one of the best to recognize a corrupted FISA system, used this occasion to corrupt another.
    Now we know why after only a week- 10 days into the ‘the investigation’ Mueller got Weinstein to expand his scope into ‘anything’ after Mueller realized the data from the FISA showed nothing of the sort that he was originally brought in for’ Russian collusion… most of the 670 days he was special investigator he was looking for something, anything… while knowing the FISA warrants shouldn’t have been approved at all.
    But everyone on the Hill knew also.. what a scam..

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