Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) on CNN stated he was overcome with pride that President Trump considered him a “bad guy” for releasing classified intel about the Russian probe.

Partial transcript as follows:


TRUMP: All you do is you see this Adam Schiff, he has a meeting and he leaves the meeting and he calls up reporters and then all of a sudden they have news and you’re not supposed to do that. It’s probably illegal to do it, you know. He’ll have a committee meeting and he’ll leak all sorts of information. You know he’s a bad guy, but it’s certainly the memo was a nothing.


TAPPER: Your response, sir.

SCHIFF: Well, I’m proud to be one of the bad hombres I guess. What the president is referring to is what really aggravated him is when his son came to testify before committee, I asked him about conversations he had with the president where the president was on that aircraft and they concocted this false statement about that meeting in Trump Tower with the Russians and he refused to answer the questions, claiming attorney-client privilege, which clearly doesn’t apply to a situation where neither he nor his father are attorney nor client.