It’s about time that the truth finally came out…

Like most conservatives I abhor the political and legal views of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg but one has to give her credit for having a lot of class.

In the short video clip below Ginsburg opens up about her friendship with the late Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia.

Ginsburg explains how she was able to maintain a friendship over the years even though their views on many subjects were very, very different.

Watch as RBG opens up about her friendship with Anton Scalia:

Personally think it is far more interesting and rewarding to have a conversation on politics with someone who has different views than mine, so long as it does not devolve into arguments or name calling.

Surprisingly the vast majority of those who engaged with the RBG video, regardless of party, were very supportive of her message.

“My significant other and I don’t see eye to eye on all things political (I mean we really don’t) but we don’t let such inconsequential details in the big picture trip us up.”

“No, she belonged to a time where people put differences aside and knew how to be friends despite differences.”

“The majority of those who worship her (a majority that does not include too many judges or lawyers who ever walk into a courtroom) cannot conceive of people who disagree, and a lot, about political principles nonetheless having a cordial and even warm relationship. Pity.”

That said, as you might expect some people still found a way to inject their hatred of all things they disagree with, into the conversation:

“Her privilege, she’s never had to suffer from his racist rulings, unimpressed by these comments.”

Positive comments outnumbered negative comments by 20 or 30 to one or more.

It shows that people hunger for a time when both sides could disagree on the things they disagree on, and work together on the things they agree on.

For example, Ronald Reagan and Democrat Speaker of the House “Tip” O’Neil disagreed on a lot of things, but they got a lot of positive things done for the American people as well.

Maybe today’s politicians should emulate that type of thinking and behavior more often.

What do you think?

Src: The Federalist Papers