The mainstream media has become a danger to America.

Recently on Fox Business, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) opened fire on the mainstream media for refusing to report on Rep. Eric Swalwell’s relationship with a Chinese spy.

According to Breitbart, Jordan stated, “What did Speaker of the House know when she selected him and put him on Intel Committee and has kept him on Intel Committee? So, I mean, you step back for a second — think about what we’ve learned in just the last week. We learned that oh, in fact, Hunter Biden was under investigation by the Justice Department. Over two years ago, they started to investigate Hunter Biden. We’ve learned a member of the Intel Committee, Representative Swalwell, was in fact hanging out with a Chinese spy for years, and then we learn the Speaker of the House has … kept him on Intel Committee.

Jordan then said, “But somehow the big story over the last few years was oh, President Trump was working with Russians, which we know was a hoax. So, I think the big takeaway from frankly all of this is why won’t the press cover the real stories? I mean you know how much time the networks have devoted to the Hunter Biden story in the last week and a half? Twenty-six seconds and the New York Times has yet to do a story on Eric Swalwell and his relationship with this Chinese spy. So, that is a disservice to the American people from the mainstream press. Thank goodness you guys are covering the facts, covering the truth, and bringing real stories to the American people.”

You can watch a clip of Jordan’s comments here.

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