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Rand Paul’s Plan To Make Ilhan Omar APPRECIATE America More

We honestly can’t agree more, this would give her the chance to really see just how great America truly is…

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) told Breitbart News on Wednesday that maybe if Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) visited Somalia, “she might come back and appreciate America more.”

The senator was responding to a question on why he defended President Donald Trump over his recent tweets that had  sparked outrage among many on the left.

“I’ve met people who have come here from behind the Iron Curtain,”Paul said. “They got away from communism, they’re some of the best Americans we have, because they really appreciate how great our country is, and then I hear Representative Omar say America is a terrible place.”

“Well, she came here and we fed her, we clothed her, she got welfare, she got [schooling], she got healthcare, and then, lo and behold, she has the honor of actually winning a seat in Congress, and she says we’re a terrible country? I think that’s about as ungrateful as you can get,” continued the senator.

“And so — I’m willing to contribute to buy her a ticket to go visit Somalia,” he continued, “and I think she can look and maybe learn a little bit about the disaster that is Somalia — that has no capitalism, has no God-given rights guaranteed in a constitution, and has about seven different tribes that have been fighting each other for the last 40 years.”

“And then maybe after she’s visited Somalia for a while,” Paul added, “she might come back and appreciate America more.”

Sen. Paul spoke to Breitbart News at Turning Point USA’s annual Teen Student Action Summit in Washington, DC, where 1,500 high school students from across the country gathered to hear the senator speak, among several other prominent conservative figures, including President Trump.

Src: Breitbart


  1. Maybe if we got really lucky she would stay there. Of course she might not have a choice since she is a female and outspoken and that really doesn’t fly in Somalia. She would probably open her big mouth and get arrested, spend lots of time in a Somali prison and plead to be allowed back into the United States or any country that would take her.

    1. I wish she could discover how great we really are but I don’t think she cares!


  3. Great idea but since “the plan” from Obama, when he “allowed” these sick people enter America, all part of his Muslim plan, I doubt she or anyone of them would go or God forbid stay there. Clearly, they are here
    to take “take over” America and make us a Muslim/third world country.

    President Trump will take care of these people in 2020. He is putting his “ducks” in order. We just got the Supreme Court to allow us the funding to build the wall. It’s a giant step for us. The beginning of draining the swamp. The time is coming. Justice will be done. America will prevail!

  4. I think she should be arrested for lying, federal tax fraud, local state tax fraud, marrage fraud to her brother she should spend the rest of her muslim black butt in federal prison at hard labor but, the American tax payers would have to pay to keep her ass like health care food housing . I say strip her of her U.S. Citezenship and send her stincking slimball muslim blackass back to her home country of Somalia

  5. Put her on a plane and revoke her passport so she can’t come back. She how well she does in the third world country she came from. Bet she’ll think better of American then.

    1. I agree! But do the same to her brother and husband and any other relatives she has here!

  6. Who wants her to care more about America. Take her sky diving over Somalia at 35000 feet with no parachute. Thank You

  7. I will get her a one way ticket. She can only come back if we want her. HMMMMM! Hopefully some of her law breaking ways will land her in jail and out of congress.

  8. A great idea Senator Paul. I have said the exact same thing about her , also AOC could take a 2 month vacation Puerto Rico & witness the corruption there. Thalib could take 6 month sabbatical to the Gaza strip, would have to dress from head to toe in black garb, that would be ok, the last of the 4 headed hydra can go to Nigeria & see how corrupt that country is. Can guarantee not of these locations is on their vacation bucket list.

    I have continuously said the Somali are the laziest, most demanding of the bunch. Look up somali’s demanding hala food at food banks in MN. They have a vipers nest in south Seattle, demanding halal lunches, halal free lunches, ungrateful twits.

  9. Dear Sen. Paul:
    If it’s a one-way ticket to Somalia, I will gladly chip in.

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