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Radical Muslim ARRESTED After Violent Threat Against Trump

His words were Terrifying…

A migrant in Florida was arrested by federal officials after threatening to kill President Trump, screaming in Arabic, “We are coming for you Trump. We are coming for you with knives.”

36-year-old Mohammed Omar Haji Mohammed, described as a “Florida man” by the media, yelled the threats after he had tried to stab a Walmart employee during a disagreement at the customer service desk.

The threats were picked up by police body cameras and later translated from Arabic.

“We are coming for you Trump. We are coming for you with knives. God will send angels to destroy you,” said Mohammed, adding, “I need Trump cut. I want to cut, two portions.”

Authorities were first alerted to Mohammed after he made suspicious Facebook posts referring to doing something that would be newsworthy.

“Whoever knows why I came to America wait for the urgent news on television screens and victory is from Allah,” read one post.

The suspect had also been “acting strange” since he lost his job, according to the individual who tipped off the feds.

Court records do not indicate where Mohammed originally came from, but he could face deportation if he is a non-citizen on a federal charge of threatening the president.

Src: Summit News


  1. And these are the people that the democraps want to allow to be in our country. Deport all of them and make sure that at least one democrap is deported with each of these illegal and radical immigrants. We are under attack by all of these foreigners and all of the democrap party. It is time to stand up for our country and our constitution and removed all of the radical non Americans. By the way, just because some one is born in America dose not make them a true citizen of the U.S. Of A. It takes belief in our country and way of life, and it also takes strength and determination to stand strong against the howling winds of dictorial change. If we do not stand against all of these attacks on our way of life, we will become slaves in a socialist dictatorship of democraps. And it has been a natural thing for the democraps to steal lands and any thing else thru government control as well as using slave labor because they are to dam lazey to do the work themselves.

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  2. It’s not just this man, it is every muslim. They are he greatest threat ever to our world.


  4. Don’t worry Mohammad, Congresswoman Omar will be right there to defend you. After all, you are Muslim and, as everyone knows, Muslims are very peaceful people who would never harm another person – unless that person is an infidel, i.e., Christian, Jew, Buddhist, anything but Muslim.

  5. Don’t even bother to wait, ship him out over the Atlantic & open the back door of the plane!.

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