She must have woken on the wrong side of the bed…

During a weekly press conference, Nancy Pelosi was asked a question that made her heated. She was asked about Joe Biden’s sexual accusations vs Brett Kavanaugh’s accusations.

A reporter had “suggested that Democrats might be holding Biden to a different standard than Kavanaugh.”

The reporter asked, “As far as Biden is concerned, how do Democrats square with the idea that they are essentially standing by Biden but using a comparatively different standard with Kavanaugh. They demanded an investigation on Mr. Kavanaugh when a very similar allegation came out toward him.”

Pelosi answered, “Let me just say — I respect your question and I do not need a lecture or a speech.”

“I have complete respect for the whole #MeToo movement. I have four daughters and one son, and there is a lot of excitement around the idea that women will be heard and be listened to. There is also due process, and the fact that Joe Biden is Joe Biden. There has been statements from his campaign, not his campaign but his former employees who ran his offices and the rest, that there was never any record of this. There was never any record. Nobody ever came forward to say something about it apart from the principal involved.”

Once the accusations are going after a Democrat or any official she likes, Pelosi will try to ignore them all. Read the rest of the story here.

Image Credit: Washington Examiner

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