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Pelosi Boasts Her Gov’t Shutdown Strategy

According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) when dealing with President Trump and a government shutdown, you are to ‘Start with Feather Then You Move to Sledgehammer.’

Pelosi boasted the end of the partial government shutdown by sitting down with leftist media commentators and bragging about manipulating President Trump into agreeing on a temporary reopening to allow negotiations over a border wall to take place.

The Daily Beast praised Pelosi — including referring to a CNN story that referred to her as “Queen Pelosi” — in its reporting for refusing to allow him to deliver the State of the Union speech on the House floor and saying, “no” repeatedly to his request for $5.7 billion in funding for the wall, saying:

Not many politicians have gone up against Trump and emerged victorious, with their dignity intact. How did she do it? “First you start with a feather,” she said, “then you move to a sledgehammer.” In her telling, when she first told the president he couldn’t give his SOTU while the government was closed, he said he was coming. She rebuffed him a second time, and he said he was coming anyway. Then she said, “please don’t,” telling him the House that she controls would not vote on a “concurrent resolution”  to formally invite him.

Bingo! “One step at a time and he understood, and when he understood, he understood, and sometimes it’s about timing,” she said. Asked if she thought Trump and his people realized her power over something as traditional as the SOTU, she said, rather dismissively, “I don’t spend a lot of time sussing out what they know.”

Pelosi was also dismissive of what Trump thinks of her, according to the Daily Beast, when she was asked about being with the president when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“He’s courteous, he’s respectful in his own way—and like other men he sometimes doesn’t know his condescension,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi, according to the Daily Beast article, said she refuses to psychoanalyze Trump but “I do know that he needs prayers.”

Pelosi also boasted that Trump has most likely learned his lesson and won’t shut down the government again, even though the president has said he has not caved on his pledge to build a wall but is taking Democrats at their word that if the government reopened they would negotiate with him.

Trump has vowed if an agreement on border security cannot be reached by February 15 — the end of the temporary Continuing Resolution to fully fund the government — he would shut down the government again or invoke national emergency authority to use money other than what Congress appropriates for a wall to get it paid for and built.

“No question for those who are keeping score that the longest standoff on government funding in history ended as a clear win for Pelosi and her ‘for the people’ agenda,” the Daily Beast reported.

The “reporter” concludes the piece by saying Pelosi deserved the title “most powerful woman.”

“That, of course, is the title she now holds, and that Trump must reckon with as he heads into the rocky shoals ahead,” the article said.

  1. Pelosi thinks she won this battle with President Trump but he always has an ace up his sleeve. He allowed her to win to show the American people just how evil and anti american she and her cohorts truly are towards us.

    These comminist democrats are in for a rude awakening. Trump will build the wall and why is it that only he stands by his oath of office to protect and defend America and her citizens and she and her buddies violate their oaths and side with illegal immigrants that are standing of our border just waiting to invade by the thousands. They are an army of illegal aliens who do not abide by our laws and will never abide by our laws and we dont want corrupt runagades in our country. They bring diseases, cultures of rape, theft, crime, murder and on and on. We have enough of our own we dont need these criminals. If they weren’t corrupt why would thousands and thousands from 4 different countries storm our borders when they know its illegal. Time for all of them to be deported. Close and lock down our border and use the military if need be. Let our military build our barrier walls.

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