Here’s who Oprah wants to run the country…

Talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey said she wishes Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger would run for president, even though Iger has previously said he won’t run for office.

Winfrey took to Twitter Saturday to tease a clip of an upcoming interview with Iger that is set to air Sunday evening on her cable network, OWN. Iger has been making the media rounds to promote his new memoirs, The Ride of a Lifetime.

“This is the man I wish was running for President of the USA,” Winfrey said, referring to Iger. “His decency prevails in all decision making. His 10 steps for leadership revealed in his new book #RideOfALifetime apply to every business and every life.”

In the clip, Winfrey gushes over Iger, telling him that she would be campaigning for him if he had decided to run.

“If Bob Iger had decided to run for president, I would be canvasing in Iowa right now. I would be going door to door,” Winfrey said.

She later asked him: “Why didn’t you run for president? I wish first of all more than ever, everyday I think, I wish you had done it.”

Iger replied, “I’m deeply flattered. I had this conversation with President Obama and his family a few times. His kids and his wife clearly believe I had the better job.”

The 68-year-old Iger had been rumored as a possible Democratic candidate for president, but the entertainment mogul instead opted to stay on as head of Disney through 2021.

The Disney honcho resigned in 2017 from President Donald Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum in objection to the White House’s decision to withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement.

In his new book, Iger reveals that George Lucas felt “betrayed” by Disney’s plans for the new Star Wars franchise.

Disney remains the largest of Hollywood’s major studios and recently acquired the majority of 21st Century Fox in a blockbuster $71.3 billion deal.

Src: Breitbart