This is what happens to useless governors…

On an airing of “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Elise Stefanik expressed her displeasure in how the state of New York was handling the coronavirus.

She outed Governor Andrew Cuomo and stated that though mainstream media is portraying him as a hero, many in the state know about his “mishandling of coronavirus.”

Stefanik stated, “[J]ust look at the numbers and the data and unfortunately, the just high numbers of lives lost in New York State compared to other states across the country. There was also significant infighting between the governor and the mayor of New York City in terms of how to manage the COVID crisis. So despite the mainstream media, voters in my district and voters that I talk to across New York State have real issues and concerns about how the governor did not manage this crisis effectively, especially when you compare the data and the numbers to other states across the country.”

She also said, “[H]e shouldn’t get a pass, and New Yorkers aren’t going to give him a pass. He should speak to the families who have lost loved ones to hear from them directly.”

The people in New York know exactly how Cuomo is dealing with the pandemic, and it seems his leadership has lead them down a dark path. Now he’s going to have to face what he has done.

Read and watch a clip here.

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