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Nike Facing MASSIVE Boycott For Latest Stunt

After this despicable act anything is fair game…

Calls to boycott Nike gained traction online on Tuesday when Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) encouraged others to #WalkAwayFromNike in a Twitter post after the athletic gear giant dropped an American flag-style shoe, apparently at the behest of famed anthem-kneeling former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“I love America. I stand for the anthem, respect the flag & honor the men & women who fought to defend our Nation,” Cruz posted on Tuesday morning. “I respect Free Speech & I’m exerting mine: until [Nike] ends its contempt for those values, I WILL NO LONGER PURCHASE NIKE PRODUCTS.”

“#WalkAwayFromNike [retweet] if you agree,” added the senator.

Cruz was captioning his own post from a day earlier, which said in part: “It’s a good thing [Nike] only wants to sell sneakers to people who hate the American flag.”

As of Tuesday evening, the tweet has garnered nearly 10,000 retweets and some 19,000 likes.

As previously reported by The Daily Wire, “The Betsy Ross Flag” edition shoe was cancelled by Nike when Kaepernick reportedly complained about the new sneaker design, dubbing them “offensive.” The former 49er signed a multi-million dollar sponsorship deal with the massive company last year, sparking its own wave of controversy.

The shoe protested by Kaepernick included a U.S. flag with 13 white stars in a circle on the heel of the sneaker, “a design created during the American Revolution and commonly referred to as the Betsy Ross flag,” reported The Wall Street Journal. As noted by The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, Kaepernick claimed he was taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem before NFL games to protest police brutality and racial injustices; but his apparent disgust with the American flag-style shoe indicates he was indeed protesting the flag.

Following the lead of Mr. Cruz, others online joined in, detailing their displeasure with Nike and vowing to steer clear of their products.

“Ted, you’re right! In sane American, regardless of politics, should #WalkAwayFromNike ….what an idiotic disgrace!” radio host Michael Medved agreed.

“Nike pulling your shoes with the Betsy Ross flag marginalizes the contribution of iconic America women. I stand for the values our flag represent. #walkawayfromnike,” one woman wrote.

“Nike has become ridiculous. There are plenty of clothing companies that don’t get mixed up with identity politics,” another user said. “Dump Nike stock and clothes. #walkawayfromnike.”

“[Nike] this is the guy [you’re] listening to,” another Twitter user highlighted, captioning a screenshot of Kaepernick’s practice socks, which showcase pigs in cop hats.

In response to the controversial Nike move, Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced Tuesday morning that his state would be withdrawing financial incentives promised to Nike.

“Nike has made its decision, and now we’re making ours,” Ducey said via Twitter. “I’ve ordered the Arizona Commerce Authority to withdraw all financial incentive dollars under their discretion that the State was providing for the company to locate here. Arizona’s economy is doing just fine without Nike. We don’t need to suck up to companies that consciously denigrate our nation’s history.”

Grassroots organization FreedomWorks called on Nike CEO Mark Parker to unify Americans, rather than dividing us.

“Rather than deepening the political divide in America, FreedomWorks calls upon Nike CEO Mark Parker to bring together outside voices who have defended our nation’s values and begin a dialogue that brings us together, rather than driving us further apart,” FreedomWorks told The Daily Wire in a statement on Tuesday.

“I’m sure Nike thinks this move makes great business sense, but you cannot put a price-tag on core American values that so many have paid the ultimate price to defend. It’s time for Nike to put the shoes back on the shelves and stop disrespecting our nation’s history,” the organization added.

Src: The Daily Wire


  1. Meh, we will see. The way it seems to go is a minor setback then bounces back. 🤔

    1. Nike is afraid to offend that disgraceful Colin K
      why doesn’t he leave the USA and find a home
      elsewhere. He will not be able to make millions
      of dollars of Nike.
      No more Nike products if you are a patriot.

    2. Hey if fuzzy head anti-American is so against America, Buy the worthless piece of crap a ticket and let him try this stuff in another country, you most likely won’t hear of him again ha ha!!! Rush Limbaugh says his protest isn’t because of police brutality -NO- he just hate America and Americans (you know the place that has made him rich), as_holeshows respect right!!!!

  2. I have not bought a Nike product since they named that ungrateful jackass a spokesperson.

  3. I have not bought a Nike product since they named that ungrateful jackass a spokesperson

  4. All my Nike in the trash, won’t be buying any more. Hooray for Az gov, man has a set!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I quit buying anything that was Nike in 1985 and will continue to not buy Nike. They are one shitty overpriced company. Their merchandise isn’t worth the price and quality SUCK BIG TIME

  6. No worries for nike. They’ll sell enough Air Jordans to tide them over until Kaepernick’s next stunt. He’s been out of headlines for a while. They are a bunch of dupes at nike’s management.

  7. Nike has gone too far. Colin craposhit is a stupid liberal. and he is laughing all the way to the bank. When will people realize what an idiot this crap of shit is. Businesses quit cow towing to these trouble makers. He was never good at football now needs to make money elsewhere. Shame on NIKE your company sucks

  8. no more NIKE products allowed in my house and or purchased by my family there is now a complete boycott of any and all NIKE products PERIOD in house or for anyone in my family. There will be no NIKE products allowed in my house ever from now?????? I said this when they signed him and now I’ve posted it in writing? I have made it clear to all my friends and family to not bring buy or wear NIKE products to my kome or they will not be allowed inside my house.

  9. I will not buy Nike while they let some nitwit tell them what line of shoe they can sell. I would even consider buying the USA shoe; any thing else NO! ! !

  10. Ship all Nike stores and KAPERDICK OUT
    OF THIS U.S.A. and never let the dirty
    scumbags back into the U.S.A. send them
    to where the SUN DON’T SHINE. If the
    SCUMBAGS then why are they STILL in the

  11. I too have not purchased Nike products in several years. This latest stunt just means my stance will not change.

  12. No more Nike products or me even if they they change their mind. Put them all on a boat, revoke their US citizenship and let them go anywhere they want. Except back here.

  13. NFL wonder why ratings are down ? Box office wonders why nobody goes to the movies anymore ? I hate to tell you New York & California are not the only states that vote??

  14. I typically purchased several, high-end Nike running shoes and two years ago, several of the AF-1 style shoes for casual wear. Spent roughly $500 – 1000 each year. When Nike joined hands with the police hating, American Flag hating, anthem hating K. Kaper(dick), I threw everything into a pile (more than 40 pairs of running shoes and 6 versions of the AF-1’s)……..and that’s where they still are today. Switched and bought a pair of Brooks and 2-pairs of Sacuony totaling just over $400.00 this past year. F….. Nike.

  15. When Prince went out of business I love the fit of the T22 and bought Nike…I just took them to the trash and will check out other brands at Tennis express or eBay..NO MAS nike, just don’t do it ………

  16. Nike CEO Mark Parker should call his old employer, Happy Bubbles Car Wash to get his next position while Nike can still afford to pay the phone bill, ’cause they’re gonna go broke pretty soon.

  17. Its about time our true America stand up for truth and the flag, This is proof that Kaepernick didn’t kneel for injustice, but he is truly against our flag and nation. Nike really did us wrong this time.

  18. The former QB has no active game plan to address and correct the injustices he protests but he is good at “finding fault” . He is biting the hand that feeds him. No product no profit.

  19. I have 2 or 3 things with a check mark logo on them. I will be burning my Nike stuff. Nike has repeatedly metaphorically burn American values ! Its past time to return the favor !!

    Blast from the past
    Burn Baby Burn [email protected]

  20. Some anti American washed up moron football player tells a billion dollar company what to do? Why would I ever buy anything from a company who has imbeciles running the company?

  21. What a clown, just look at his stupid haircut. Why boycott Nike, their prices are outrageous enough to do do just that.
    But HIM. Vai Tomar No Cu.

    1. Peter, his head, and hair look like a toilet brush. If I was ever lucky enough to be in a bathroom with him, I’d grab him, and clean the toilets!

  22. Boycott Nike? Only makes sense! When they take the position to promote an American hating ass like Kaepernick they deserve to experience America’s wrath with a full blown boycott of the company in all phases of its products and operations. And for those who lthink this will just blow over be aware of the large number of American loving citizens like myself who haven’t watched an NFL game in three years. To hell with Nike and all companies who do business with them.

  23. Here we go, Distroying our History!!!.. Than let’s erase Slavery along with statues, paintings of southern Generals.!!! This Country needs to wake up and see what’s going on today!!.. it’s amazing how Kaepernick pretends to be an all knowing how black people are treated… He was raised by a WHITE family in a Middle Class neighborhood!!!.. Now he’s afffended by a flag?!… He should be kissing this Country’s Red, White & Blue Ass!!.. This country gave him a chance to reach the American Dream!!!.. I am a Veteran of this Great Country and He insults me with his B.S. about the Flag!!!… White people, Black people, Yellow people have fought for those Colors and this Jackass has the nerve to say he’s affended by it??!!… Move to another Country and no one will be affended!! Let’s see if they would offer you the chances and freedom this country offers….. Just be careful about disrespecting their flag….You might get shot!!!… P.S. Keapernick one more thing…You think your a great American right???? What have You Sackreficed for this Country??… What gives you the right to say anything when you’ve given NOTHING!!! Other than your big black mouth!!!….

  24. I am boycotting NIKE. I don’t want to contribute to the big contract that Nike will pay that slime ball Kopernick. Let them go bankrupt.

  25. What’s next, “The Constitution” , it’s about time we as Americans stop falling for this nonsense that not one person in recent memory took part of !
    I do believe the failure this quarterback will be a much deserved problem thru-out his overpaid life , liberty, & somewhere a presumption of happiness!

  26. Is nike even an American company? It seems they let an over rated NOBODY push them around. Looks like they have something to hide.

  27. Looks like i willno longer be purchasing any more of Nike’s products. After 16 years in the USMC i will start paying more attention to the companies that i purchase products from. I want to know that those companies respect and support the sacrifices that our military has made over history to keep us living free like we are today. Looks like all my Nike products go to the burn pile now ( kids products going too). THIS FAMILY WILL ALWAYS STAND AND RESPECT OUR FLAG AND WHAT IT STANDS FOR !

  28. No more Nike, EVER!!!

    Our local school systems, public AND private have banned ALL Nike products as of today!

    The 4 VFW Halls I am a member of are pushing our entire State to ban Nike as Arizona has.

    This is the last straw!

  29. Nike apparently agrees with Kap otherwise they would just ignore him. No company/corporation does anything unless it is by choice; Nike’s choice was to negate the Flag Betsy Ross made to symbolize the New America, the American Revolution, which our National Flag has grown into. Those 13 States, not huge States like Texas, California, Alaska, but those little group of States formed Our Union. How terribly Brave, Courageous those men and women were, and How Brave and Courageous are the Men and Women of the U.S. of A. Military today/ God Bless American and All Its Citizens.

  30. Nike should be ashamed listening to an idiot brainless washed up football player, We, as Americans, need to start standig up for our flag and country!!! Dont buy Nike or any other products from companies that do not stand up for the USA!!!

  31. boycott every sporting goods store that sells nike products. I already do. in fact I no longer buy from a ( sporting good store that took guns out but still calls themselves a sporting good store) They sell golf equiptment but I will not buy from them I’ll go to a golf store only from now on.

  32. I understand that New Balance manufactures its footwear in the United States.

  33. Money speaks. Let us BOYCOTT “Everything” Nike. How can they make their Billions in America and give to an ungrateful Anti-American Communist?


  35. I and anyone I can convince will never buy another Nike shoe again! They can’t have them made in this country and now they listen to a loser on what and what not to do!

  36. No one in this household or family will be purchasing anything from NIKE from this day forward!!!!! Their spokesperson, Mr Kaperknick is an OFFENSE to us and we do not appreciate any company that tries to publicly degrade this country, it’s flag, it’s citizens, or our great military(some who have given the ULTIMATE sacrifice). Shame on anyone in this country who does not appreciate it!!!!!!!!If this is NIKE”S attitude toward our country and it’s citizens, please take your company and spokespesron and MOVE somewhere else and see how you do there!!!!!!!

  37. No one in this household or family will be purchasing anything from NIKE from this day forward!!!!! Their spokesperson, Mr Kaperknick is an OFFENSE to us and we do not appreciate any company that tries to publicly degrade this country, it’s flag, it’s citizens, or our great military(some who have given the ULTIMATE sacrifice). Shame on anyone in this country who does not appreciate it!!!!!!!!If this is NIKE”S attitude toward our country and it’s citizens, please take your company and spokespesron and MOVE somewhere else and see how you do there!!!!!!! As I have not posted a comment on this website, it cannot possibly be a duplicate!

  38. Colin Kaepernick is stupid, if not for our founding fathers, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and others he wouldn’t even exist today! I agree with you Roger and Sandra as a veteran I support our great military and I great President. Trump/Pence 2020!

    1. Every time Kaepernick opens his mouth and spews his anti-American animus, or black NFL players disrespect our national anthem during games, or Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan spews more of his blatantly racist anti-white comments, I can’t help thinking that President Andrew Johnson committed a disastrous mistake by failing to deport the four million freed black slaves at the conclusion of the Civil War in 1865. The fact they commit 55% of the violent crimes, and occupy 40% of the jail and prison cells when they only comprise what? 13% of our population? is deplorable, and so is having 39% of them collecting social-welfare benefits despite the fact we presently have the best employment situation this country has had in DECADES! And since black welfare queens insist upon reproducing indiscriminately to increase their welfare checks, I fear it would be totally disastrous to our economy if Republicans succeed in ending abortions.

  39. Me ??? I CAN’T Understand or Figure Out As to WHY Anyone EVER Bought Nike Products !!! Seeing How The Boycott Is Mostly Against Their Shoes…Let’s Continue With ALL PRODUCTS !!! I, For One, Am Sick n Tired of Seeing Their LOGO On ALL Sports Clothing and Sports Products, Which IS Tailored ” FOR THE RICH n ELITE “


  41. Isn’t nike headquartered in super liberal anti American oregon?
    I would not be surprised if you have to sign some sort of anti American liberal democrat communist allegiance contract to work for them. No doubt, if you show any support for our President Trump, you are attacked by the sorry scrum that work there.
    I see nothing wrong with buying nike products if you first check to see if you can return them for a complete refund. Then do exactly that. I can’t see nike reselling a returned pair of shoes. Although it might cost nike a dollar or two to make these shoes, it will cost them more to go through the refund process.
    You have to be done sort of shallow idiot to buy their overpriced products to begin with.

  42. Apparently, Colin can’t see what Nike’s doing. He bellyaches that the early colonists were racists, yet here Nike is still buying off a black man….the only difference is that Nike has to buy only one rich black man with some warped clout instead of bidding for dozens of poor black men down by the harbors in Betsy’s day. The flag started as a symbol of a country, and later various groups used it for THEIR interpretations and symbols. So Nike takes an American item, uses the explanations of sicko political groups that hate blacks, and, adding 1 plus 1, come up with 100! Maybe Nike’s history expert could explain what Nike is doing to this historical American item in its rejection and interpretation of a piece of American history.

  43. “a dialog that brings us together, rather than driving us farther apart”?? Social justice warriors cannot have a “dialog”. They can only have it their way. Waste of time.

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