The mainstream media really thinks average Americans are idiots. The MSM have no respect for them, treat them like morons, think they will believe even the most outlandish things they utter.

What’s more, the lamestream media is intent on embarrassing and debasing and demeaning the presidency of Donald Trump, even if it means supporting some not so savory characters. Who can forget the media’s outpouring of sympathy for the murdering Castro brothers when Trump slapped Cuba with some trade penalties?

Let’s run through the latest typical example, this one from Newsweek (its new motto: “Now available in print again — at least in airports!”)

“NORTH KOREA: SENILE DONALD TRUMP PLAYS TOO MUCH GOLF,” said the headline. The editors do fob the “senile” claim off on North Korea, but it’s just exactly the headline they want to write.

President Donald Trump really (really) loves golf, which isn’t a particularly uncommon trait of an older, wealthy guy. But hitting the links while the country you lead is driving toward potential nuclear war, is not exactly the best image to project to millions of Americans.

“Older, wealthy guy”? That’s what you call the president? You know who else loved golf, so much so that he played 333 rounds — while president? Barack Obama. So, is golf also the sport of youngish, black guys who are former community organizers? And that second sentence: “not exactly the best image…” — again, the sentiment is shared by the writer and editors at Newsweek, so who cares if if North Korea saying it?


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