Some people just can’t handle it…


On a recent broadcast of MSNBC’s “Deadline,” host Nicolle Wallace called three defenders of President Donald Trump “chickenshit,” for questioning the patriotism of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the White House national security official who testified in the impeachment inquiry.

Wallace said, “Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, who is right now testifying in the impeachment probe represents the beating heart of the quintessential American story. He and his family, Jewish refugees carrying only their suitcases and $750, based on reporting in “The New York Times,” fled the Soviet Union when he was 3 years old in search of a better life. His father worked multiple jobs and learned English at night so his son could grow up, graduate from college, receive a military commission, and serve the United States in the form of multiple overseas tours on combat deployment in Iraq. In 2003, Vindman was injured by an IED. He was awarded a purple heart.”

”Vindman has a master’s degree from Harvard,” she continued. “He’s worked in several embassies and joined the National Security Council last year after passing extensive background check. Unlike some other West Wing Advisers we know. His biography and life of service make the attacks against him remarkable. At a time when attacks on once sacred institutions and their leaders have stopped being noteworthy or newsworthy. Trump went from not knowing him to calling him a Never-Trumper in the course of an hour and a half this morning. That’s nothing compared to the smear campaign happening on cable news.”

After playing video clips of Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, Justice Department lawyer during the George W. Bush administration John Yoo and former Congressman Sean Duffy, Wallace said, “Except those people aren’t chickenshit like the three of you and they know that he passed a background check that the president’s daughter and son-in-law didn’t.”

Src: Breitbart