How much lower can these people go…

Faculty members at Kansas University (KU) want to banish a campus Chick-fil-A back to the basement because  it’s a threat to “the mental well being” of some on campus.

The chicken chain is the most popular fast-food restaurant in America for the fourth consecutive year, but concerned faculty members think Chick-fil-A doesn’t represent the “safety and inclusion” of students, according to Fox News.

The Sexuality & Gender Diversity Faculty and Staff Council called the outlet a “bastion of bigotry” after it moved from KU’s basement to a more visible location that the council calls “prime real estate.” The faculty members are also infuriated that the restaurant is sponsoring the “Chick-fil-A Coin Toss” that introduces every home game for the university’s Jayhawks football games.

“The culture of Chick-fil-A fosters hate and discrimination on multiple levels,” the council opines in a two-page letter that suggests KU is  “more concerned about money and corporate sponsorship than the physical, emotional, and mental well being of marginalized and LGBTQ people.”

The move to the food court prompted the council to demand the restaurant be sent back to the basement. “The arrival of Chick-fil-A in this building is insulting, counterproductive and unacceptable.”

“While we recognize that contractual obligations did not allow the complete removal of the brand from campus, we are outraged that they have been allowed to move from the Wescoe Underground to a new, bigger, more central location on the University of Kansas campus.”

Chick-fil-A has been criticized in the past because CEO Dan Cathy has voiced his support for traditional marriage while being a proud donor to the conservative Family Research Council and the apolitical Salvation Army. A Manhattan franchise was recently vandalized during a gay Pride parade.

After learning of the council’s objections, KU’s College Republicans urged those concerned about Chick-fil-A’s future on campus to sign a petition for the attention of KU Chancellor Doug Girod.

“Tell our university administration that our community wants Chick-fil-A on this campus,” the young Republicans wrote, Fox News reported.

Interim Provost Carl Lejuez seems to be agreeing with the malcontent faculty members. According to Fox News, he sent an email to faculty and students that read:

“Moving forward, I believe it is important to have thoughtful discussion and deliberation when we enter into contracts. In the future, we will do so in a manner that is transparent and informed by our commitment to affirm diversity and to be a welcoming and inclusive campus.”

Src: The Daily Caller