He is standing by what he said…

Recently on “Hannity” on Fox News, Sen. Lindsey Graham told interviewer Sean Hannity that he would not be observing the House of Representatives’ impeachment hearings on Wednesday.

The impeachment effort denied the “basics of due process,” according to the South Carolina Republican, due to the fact that whistleblower was not going to join in the hearings.

“No American including Donald Trump should be accused of misdeeds without confronting their accuser which is the whistleblower,” he said. “And no American should be denied the ability to tell their side of the story by calling witnesses to explain their defense. That’s being denied to the President of the United States.”

“To every American who is going to watch tomorrow, this could not happen — in your case, this couldn’t happen in a parking ticket case,” Graham continued. “This couldn’t happen in any civil matter in America because due process requires the ability of every American to call witnesses on their behalf except for President Trump. So, why am I not going to watch this hearing tomorrow? Because I think it is a threat to the presidency. I don’t want to legitimize it. It’s un-American. It denies the basics of due process.”