See what has made liberal’s blood boil…

The nation is being torn at the seems by talk of impeachment and of conservatives versus liberals and police versus minorities, among other things.

But a small moment of kindness between a teenager and a police officer in a Florida restaurant has made many people smile.

The young man walked over to an officer and asked him if he could say a prayer for him and for his safety on the job.

The moment was so touching that the officer’s wife had to share it on Facebook and tell everyone what it meant to her.

“Tonight was a night that I will never forget. This picture is a reminder of God’s constant love and perfect timing.

“Tonight we had an amazing encounter with an incredible young man named Juan. He came up to Cameron and asked is he could pray over him and his protection.

“After crying my eyes out we got to have an amazing conversation with this gentleman. He was on FIRE for God and you could feel His presence in the room.

“He said that he had felt compelled to talk to us and to pray over Cameron,” Justine Tucker said in a post on Facebook.

The photo was so popular that, within days of the photo and caption being posted, it had garnered more than 37,000 engagements.

Src: The Federalist Papers