This is so wrong.

During a recent appearance on CNN, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman recommended for Liberals to move to Georgia before January so they can influence the two runoff U.S. Senate races.

According to Brietbart, during his interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Friedman said, “You can sit back, Chris, and say, it is good if you have divided government. There is skin in the game. Then maybe they will want to cooperate more. But what is McConnell telling us? He wants your scalp in the game. Okay? That’s what he wants. He’s already telling us he’s going to try to do to Biden what he did to Obama. And what that means is, I hope everybody moves to Georgia, you know, in the next month or two, registers to vote, and votes for these two Democratic senators, running against incidentally two Georgia senators, both of whom were investigated for what? For getting a briefing on the Coronavirus and then selling stocks before the public was aware of that information, both of them were investigated for that.”

You can watch a clip of Friedman’s comments here.

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