He just can’t get enough of Trump.

According to Breitbart News, ABC network political analyst Matthew Dowd attacked President Donald Trump stating he is avoiding making “moral fitness or affairs” a campaign issue this fall.

Guest host Martha Raddatz asked, “Matt, President Trump’s campaign as you heard said there’s a double standard here, that Biden and other Democrats said that during the Justice Kavanaugh’s hearing the women should be believed, do they have a point? Are Democrats not holding themselves to standards they set?”

Dowd said, “I’m amazed that the Trump campaign and the Republicans are talking about a double standard in this. You would think that the Republicans and the president, who has various, up to 20 allegations related to this, would want to engage on this topic. It’s a little bit like the Houston Astros accusing someone else of cheating in baseball. There’s a point to degree to some people. I thought the vice president handled this well, a little bit late, but well on Friday, he gave credibility, and he gave some space for Tara Reade, but oh, by the way, it’s not true. I’ll find out if there was anything that was ever filed on this. I would be shocked if the president wants to talk about moral fitness or affairs come this fall. I’d be shocked if that’s what he wants to talk about.” You can watch a clip of Dowd’s remarks here.