It was about time.

According to The Daily Wire, Multiple hosts on MSNBC and CNN turned on President Joe Biden stating the inflated estimate shows that the CDC promotes “a huge exaggeration,” is “not following the science,” and is “Big Brothering us.”

“Look, facts matter. Truth matters,” said Cuomo on Tuesday night, adding that he refused to “cover for an agency just because it’s under attack” by Republicans.

He added, “Why? Why didn’t they update it? Is this about them Big Brothering us, and trying to keep it safer, longer? I could understand it. But it’s not honest.  Remember, it also took them months to update the guidance, telling us COVID is airborne. Remember, aerosolization, the word we all had to learn how to say, and that it wasn’t all about wiping down surfaces.”

“If you’re not following science — like not sending our kids back to school in a timely manner — you’re actually undermining your credibility,” MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said. “In this case, the CDC undermines its credibility when it oversells a statistic.”

“We want people to be guided by science, as we were saying during the Trump era,” he added. “It is so important we don’t overreact in the other direction,” of magnifying the possibility of transmission. You can read the full article here.

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