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Kanye West DESTROYS Trump Hating Celebrity

Unlike others, the left can’t silence him…

Rapper Kanye West blasted the media during his interview with David Letterman that aired on Netflix on Friday night, claiming Americans are “completely bullied” by the press to “think certain things.”

During the lengthy discussion on Letterman’s show — which is titled “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” — West also spoke about his bipolar personality disorder, describing his condition as akin to having a “strained brain,” adding, “We’re all dealing with mental health.”

“We’re pushed into it. We’re driven crazy,” West said. “We forget who we even are. We’re driven to like a certain type of career that we’re supposed to be. We’re, like, completely bullied by the media, both celebrities and the masses, to think certain things and have group thought.

“Like, ‘Oh yeah, damn right we’re going crazy’,” West continued. “I’m the most famous person with [bipolar personality disorder] and I’ve only experienced it for two years. What about people that’s been experiencing this since they were two?”

The rapper superstar also weighed in on the #MeToo movement against sexual misconduct, claiming there was a “fear” of having an honest discussion about the topic. That part of the conversation quickly pivoted into politics and his support for President Trump.

“If you’re scared to voice in saying, ‘I’ve got an opinion that might not be of the crowd,'” West continued. “We don’t have to feel the same way about things. This is my thing with Trump: We don’t have to feel the same way but we have the right to feel what we feel and we have the right to have a conversation, a dialogue, not a diatribe about it.”

West said several people he works with also voted for Trump but said they were “scared for life to tell anyone.”

“Did you vote for Trump?” Letterman asked.

“I’ve never voted in my life,” West responded.

“Then you don’t have a say in this,” Letterman shot back.

The Grammy-winning artist later told the former “Late Show” host that Trump voters are being treated “like enemies of America.”

“Have you ever been beaten up in high school for wearing the wrong hat?” West asked Letterman. “Liberals bully people who are Trump supporters. It’s not just calm. You can’t just go and wear the hat.”

West, 41, rocked the entertainment and political worlds when he took to Twitter wearing a MAGA hat. Then last October he met President Trump in the Oval Office.

Src: Fox News


  1. Had my doubts about Kanye, but now I understand him a little better. I think his opinions are worth consideration. After all, this is called freedom of speech, something the Left wants to take away from us big time.

  2. I’m proud of Kanye for taking a stance on his beliefs! All the over paid hollow headed actors care about is their looks money and status very shallow libs! They think because they have all their money they know better than the every day person their stupid! They need the shut up and act! Idiots they’ve lost more people then half of their audience!

  3. It is so sad just looking at all those morons attacking citizens for expressing their political opinions. The left is so ignorant and intolerant about us people who voted for a great President. They are ignoring all the crap the last idiot left behind and our current P resident is cleaning up. He is working overtime to undo the mess the former idiots left behind. They claim that more people voted for Queen Hillary. They count legal, illegal and dead people voting for her. They ignore that more states voted for Trump! Any time you are up against a screaming ignorant liberal show them the Bible and the Constitution, the two greatest pillars that formed the greatest country in the history of the world! Ask them what they base their ignorance on, because you follow both pillars when you cast your LEGAL vote! They will curse you and give you the middle finger! That means the IQ number that they have, even if they are COLLEGE graduates!!

  4. Thank you Jose Luis Vizcarra, you are right and I agree with you! Trump 2020.

  5. Here you have one of the few Hollywood celebrities having the courage not only to speak/voice their opinion – even in the face of huge opposition, but also the guts to talk about his struggle with mental illness. He is not crazy, he has an illness. Now if the other 98% of nuts in Hollywood would own up to theirs it would at least show they have courage.

    We all have (at least until/if the Dems get their way) freedom of speech, thought and the right to choose for ourselves. Dems want to deny you that unless you fall in line and speak only in PC BS talking points delivered by the folks behind the DNC curtain!

    Time for conservatives to stop being afraid of the far left zealots who bully you so they can feel or at least appear “woke” and signal their virtue, and push back on them. If they try to trash you with a label throw it back in their face! if they say you are a racist for wanting merit-based legal immigration – call them a Racist for not believing South Americans/Latinos Have any Merit to qualify! Think through their labels then give it back to them big time- these snowflakes will melt in a pool of liberal tears while grasping for their emotional support bunny and claiming to all who will listen what a victim they are!
    Good, let’s give them what we have been getting, play their game, by their rules, and like President Trump- Beat them at it!

    Not Tired of Winning Yet!!!

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