She’s going to have a hard time coming back from this.

A survey recently showed that out of 1,000 voters, a majority of them have a negative impression of Kamala Harris with around 43 precent having a “very unfavorable impression” of her.

The poll showed only 46 percent of potential voters have a positive impression of her.

The poll states:

A Rasmussen Reports poll released on Monday showed that 41 percent of likely U.S. voters see Harris as “not at all qualified” to take over the responsibilities of the presidency, and 9 precent believe she is “not very qualified.” 

The survey on Harris’ readiness for the role of president is especially relevant because Biden is seen by many Americans as unlikely to be physically and mentally able to complete his four-year term. A Rasmussen poll last August showed that 59 percent of voters, including 49 percent of Democrats, didn’t expect Biden to serve his full term if elected in November.

Despite being the oldest president to take office and the questions that have been raised about his fitness, the 78-year-old Biden told reporters in March that he expects to seek re-election in 2024. A second Biden term would run through 2028, when he would turn 86.

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