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Jussie Smollett’s Prosecutor PANICKING Over This

The walls are closing in on Kim Foxx.

Chicago’s top prosecutor has been subpoenaed to appear in court by a retired appellate judge who’s pushing for a special prosecutor to investigate the handling of the case against actor Jussie Smollett.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Sheila O’Brien also subpoenaed Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s top deputy and requested that Smollett appear at a hearing on her request.

Foxx was harshly criticized when her office announced it was dropping charges against Smollett that accused the black, gay actor of staging a racist and anti-gay attack on himself in downtown Chicago.

Foxx has defended the decision to drop the charges and says she welcomes an independent investigation.

Src: Breitbart


  1. Yet another Leftist, affirmative action, FAT-A$$, racist witch-bitch living large on the sheeple’s dole!

  2. The Smollett case reeks of bias and fraud by the Illinois States Attorney, Not only should the dismissal of all charges against Smollett should be reinstated but the prosecutor who dismissed the charges needs to be charged at least of dereliction of duty and should lose he law license!

    1. Another damn Obummer admirer. All the documentation will confirm their corruption but will they do anything about it ???????

    2. Hmmm do you think that Smollett being related to Kamala Harris might have something to do with Foxx’s decision? In Chicago? Naw the City of Chicago is and has been the least corrupt city in America. There has never been any corruption there.
      As my late father who was an agent for the state bureau of investigation here always said “Chicago has the best police force money can buy”. Foxx is about to join the ranks of the corrupt governors of Illinois in prison.

    1. This Kim Foxx needs to stop trying to cover up her “MISDEEDS” by lying. She now is under investigation for her mis-deeds. Jesse needs to be investigated for lying, the Post Office mailing of a “Hate Letter” but none the less, he committed a Federal Offense. He owes the police dept. for all the man hours working the case. Jessie isn’t too smart that he doesn’t know you can’t use the Federal Govt. for crimes. This person needs jail time for the mailing of part of a crime. Grow up Jessie, be a man , and stop lying. Stop using the race card, also. We are sick and tired of black people saying the white cops are picking on them. Also the 2 friends who have no money or job or place to stay. They thought the entire thing was STOOPID

  3. She was an ASSHOLE! Besides faking a hate crime, that flamer feels proud of what he’s done and getting away with it. Bragging about it to the press, and while we are at it let’s put the media on trial for reporting the farce as truth. It would be fantastic if we could trust in our newspapers, radio stations, and TV reports once again! I’m disgusted with how media is nothing but baldfaced out and out fabrications.

  4. It is sad when people take an oath to uphold the law and protect citizens and they become corrupt and stay in office. Such a deservice to those who pay their salaries, the TAXPAYERS.

  5. she dropped al the charges against Smollett because the obamas got to her cause had two white trump supporters really had done that they would be in prison already no if and or buts about it as the sewerwood rats aka Hollywood and the demrats had made up their little pea brains that it was true that two white male trump supporters beat up the poor innocent little coward so he could blame trump supporters and get more fame & $$$$$$$ from the show empire what a pathetic coward he really is

  6. How could one person have so much power as to let this person walk, after all the evidence against him?

  7. I hope the judge applies all the pressure he has the authority to apply. Law enforcement DID THEIR JOB on this case and presented the findings to FOXX. Everyone involved knows her motive and why she “dropped” charges and she should be prosecuted for it. Common people depend on our police forces to protect them. In turn the police forces depend on the DA and prosecutors to follow through on air tight cases such as this that they have worked so hard to get right. And to get a slap in the face like that undermines the entire legal system. Why should a police officer/investigator bust his/her butts when they know the prosecutor will let them down this way???

  8. I think Michelle Obama should be investigated for attempting to influence a public official, if she did contact Foxx. This crime is not being discussed, but justice is not something we can buy or attempt to influence for our own benefit.

  9. Kim Fox is a racist along with Jussie and the Obama’s.
    Why are people running for president going to see the other hoaxer Al Sharpton?

  10. Racist decision that is completely illegal and unethical. The real reason he was allowed to get away with this is because Obama wants him to and has put pressure on the prosecutors and Staff to let this POS walk.

  11. Foxx is probably going to be smacked good on this. The entire matter has a horrible stench and Foxx, and her deputy, (and even some Obama water carriers) are going to be looked at closely. Good. They should.

  12. This is just how Democrats work . If your with them your Golden , if not your Dead to them. It’s Their way or the Highway and they will run your ass over and not look back !

  13. Chicago’s, past and present leaders, have created several hundred suburbs for Illinois
    citizens to live a relatively peaceful and safe life.
    Chicago’s corruption is so deep and organized it can never change. Illinoisans are and will
    continue to leave the city and state until sanity comes to the city and state. An old alderman
    at the turn of the century, “Ald Paddy Bauler” stated often, “Chicago ain’t ready for reform”.
    Chicago had around 3 million citizens in 1950 and currently has around 2.3 million while New
    York went from 6 million to around 13 million during the last over 65 years, enough said!!!

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