“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver on Sunday took aim at InfoWars founder Alex Jones, slamming the conspiracy theorist for the products he sells to fund his show.

Oliver pointed out Jones spends nearly a quarter of his show peddling products to his listeners like Combat One moist towelettes and Wake Up America Patriot Blend coffee. Other products that Oliver highlighted included one that had trace amounts of “comet” and a “Bill Clinton rape whistle” that came with a free “9-11 Was an Inside Job” bumper sticker.

Oliver said that about two-thirds of funding for Jones’s show comes from selling the products and that Jones often tells listeners that he can barely keep the show going unless they buy the products on his site. Jones told NBC’s Megan Kelly during an interview last month that it costs $45 million to $50 million to run InfoWars.

“Jones would have you believe every penny they earn is being plowed back into a show that looks like it’s being filmed on a low-budget porn parody of itself,” Oliver said, adding that Jones owns multiple Rolex watches.

Oliver also pointed out that the medical expert Jones often brings onto the show to help market the products, Dr. Edward Group III, claims to have a degree from MIT but actually attended Texas Chiropractic College.

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source: http://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/344572-john-oliver-takes-on-infowars-products