About time the truth finally comes out.

This entire impeachment trial might have never even happened if Jeff Sessions wasn’t such a snake. 

Now, according to YellowHammer News, Sessions’ Alabama challenger Tommy Tuberville has called him out for it. In a recent appearance of “The Jeff Poor Show,” Tuberville insisted that Sessions was one of the reasons for the impeachment trial currently underway in the Senate. 

“You got one thing going on here — one of the guys that started all of this is running in this race, Jeff Sessions,” Tuberville stated. “He’s the guy that stepped to the plate, or didn’t step to the plate, recused himself and turned all this impeachment stuff over to the bureaucrat lawyers in Washington, D.C. — the liberal left and turned it over to them. All it is has been a hornets’ nest. This is one of the reasons I got in. When Paul Ryan and Jeff Sessions turned on our president, I said, ‘Enough is enough. I’m going to try to do something.’”

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