Chris Salcedo is giggling at the articles stating Mexico is screaming that Trump is taking their jobs. He believes it’s ironic for this to be coming from Mexico as this has happened the Americans in the past.

“Now the outcry from Mexico is, ‘ Trump is taking our jobs by keeping American companies in America,” Chris says.

Chris comments about the recent changes made by Ford due to one of Donald Trump’s tweets. He discloses how Ford wanted to place a new factory in Mexico, however, in response to Trump they have decided to expand and build the factory in Michigan giving Trump a, “Vote of Confidence.”

Trump recently sent a tweet towards General Motors about their Chevrolet Cruze, which is manufactured in Mexico, to bring them back or else there would be huge taxes placed on them. Chris doesn’t believe this is the direction we should be leading entrepreneurs and businesses. He thinks that it should be prefaced first that the era of anti-business is over.


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