Why would he oppose this study?

When asked about doing a study on the effectiveness of masks on the spread of coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that he would be opposed to the study.

Fauci was speaking with students when a student asked, “What kind of studies can we do right now in the middle of the pandemic about masks and transmission of the disease? Or are we just relying on anecdotal evidence because we are not able to do those kind of studies right now?”

Fauci’s response was, “Right now, I’m convinced enough in the summation and totality of the data that has been analyzed by meta-analysis that I’m convinced that the benefit of wearing a mask clearly is there and is better than not wearing a mask.

The student brought up a very valid question, and Fauci decided to brush it off by saying that he wants to just believe in meta-analysis.

This is exactly the thinking of sheep. Testing to see whether masks ACTUALLY work could prove that they don’t make much difference in the spread of coronavirus, which would backfire on Fauci.

Dr. Fauci is most likely scared of the backfire and wants people to just be ignorant and listen to whatever he says.

Read the rest of the article and watch a clip here.

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