Behind the Poll:

New survey show 53% of registered voters see entire Biden agenda as ‘big government socialism’

A new survey shows 53% of registered U.S. voters think the entire Biden administration agenda can be described as “big government socialism,” after months of Republicans and others making similar comments about President Biden’s trillion-dollar spending bills.

The survey, released Thursday, also shows 52% of Hispanic voters see the Biden agenda as big government socialism, which Rasmussen suggests may be one reason many Hispanic voters are shifting their loyalties away from the Democratic Party. 

The survey of 1,200 registered voters was conducted online by Rasmussen for Dec. 6-8. The survey field work was conducted by RMG Research.

The survey also appears to show many voters think the Democratic Party, of which Biden is the leader, is not focusing on the most important issues. 

By a 65% to 19% margin, respondents said they were more interested in economic than cultural issues. At the same time, they also said less than half of Democratic politicians and activists — just 37% — appear most interested in economic than cultural issues.

Sixty-four percent said the influx of migrant at the U.S. border is a crisis, and just 34% said the federal government is seriously trying to secure the border and reduce illegal immigration, also according to the survey.
Just the News staff