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Insane Reason Why Mexico Is Considering SUING The U.S.

They really shouldn’t have done this…

Mexico’s attorney general is considering litigation alleging that the mass shooting at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, in which six Mexicans were among the 20 people killed, was terrorism, the country’s foreign minister said on Sunday.

Such a legal move could lead to a request for the extradition of the gunman, Mexico’s government said. U.S. authorities have cited a manifesto they attributed to the suspect as evidence that the massacre was racially motivated.

“For Mexico, this individual is a terrorist,” Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said at a news conference, urging the United States to deliver a clear and forceful position against hate crimes.

He did not say in which jurisdiction Mexico could file the litigation.

El Paso is a heavily Latino city that sits on the U.S.-Mexico border across from Ciudad Juarez, a major gathering point for migrants aiming to cross into the United States and others waiting out requests for asylum in the United States.

Ebrard said his ministry would request information from the United States on how the shooter acquired the weapon he used, and whether U.S. officials were aware of the purchase.

“The issue of arms is a crucial one,” he said. “The fact that Mexicans have lost their lives, forces us to take the corresponding legal actions with respect to arms.”

He also named six of the victims, who are mostly from states along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Mexico’s deputy foreign minister for North America, Jesus Seade, decried the shooting as “xenophobic barbarism” and called for an end to rhetoric that incites such acts.

The government of leftist President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has come under pressure in recent months from U.S. President Donald Trump, who has demanded it do more to halt record flows of migrants to the United States under threat of imposing trade tariffs.

Lopez Obrador lamented the deaths.

“Social problems should not be resolved with use of force and incitement of hatred,” he said on Sunday.

Src: The Federalist Papers


  1. We should BOMB you then Mexico for the vast amount of Americans who have lost their lives or come up missing in that outhouse of a country you run. You cannot or more like will not stop the drug cartel. I don’t know about anyone else. But I WILL NOT be like the people in Mexico at the mercy of murderous drug runners. PERIOD.

  2. Trump should sue (doubly) for all the AMERICANS killed by Mexicans-especially those Mexicans that crossed the border unlawfully!!

  3. I think we should adopt the same Mexico’s law on crossing into Mexico. That would stop all the illegal crossings. Plus they talk about white supremacist needing to be considered a terrorist group what about aftia? The left acts like they don’t incite violence against conservatives think about Maxine Waters when she told leftist to go harass conservative everywhere they are restaurants filling stations that’s inciting violence from the left let’s start with that first you idiots.

  4. I think we should take on Mexico’s law on illegal crossings that would stop all this. Plus when you talk about all this violence what about the left think about Maxine Waters inciting that all the leftist go harass Republicans conservatives wherever they are in restaurants filling stations that’s inciting violence what about that stupid b****.

  5. The terrorist act happened on USA soil so Mexican politicians should go mind their own business. More Americans got shot than Mexican. If Mexican President took care of business in Mexico then this sort of thing would not become an international incident.😡

  6. Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard doesn’t like the way the United States his country’s criminals. Too bad! If you don’t want your “criminals” killed, keep them at home, and take Alexandria Cortez with you!!!

  7. we have not even heard who were the victims, if they were all people of color or were there any
    causions murdered. We don’t know if he is a white supremist crazy nut or just a crazy nut.If indeed
    he was even responsible -it might be several other people who did it to blame President Trump.
    Anyway in the end what is important is innocent people shopping got murdered. It doesn’t matter really
    what race they were or if they were in this country legally. Its not the guns fault-its the murderers fault

  8. I believe we should send the shooter to Mexico, along with EVERY illegal immigrant from Mexico who is leeching off the U. S. taxpayers. If the illegals hadn’t been here they wouldn’t have been shot. Obviously the Mexican government knows they were illegal immigrants because if they were U. S. citizens Mexico wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. When we send back the illegal Mexicans we should also send every illegal immigrant in this country to Mexico, no matter what nationality they are.

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