An illegal immigrant, along with another man, is accused of kidnapping and repeatedly raping a woman with autism while holding her against her will.

Luis Arnold Lopez-Lara, a 25-year-old illegal immigrant, and 23-year-old Helmer Alexander Erazo allegedly kidnapped the 22-year-old woman with autism after she left her residence after being upset, according to Ozarks First.

The woman was reportedly walking past a mobile home when Lopez-Lara and Erazo offered the woman alcohol and told her to come inside. A third man told warned the girl not to listen to the two men.

The woman was held against her will for three days, according to the victim, where Lopez-Lara repeatedly sexually assaulted and raped her.

Lopez-Lara allegedly gave the woman a beer, leaving her drunk, though she repeatedly tried to fend the illegal immigrant off and escape, but was told she would be killed if she resisted.

The victim also told police that Lopez-Lara and Erazo starved her for the three days, giving her Mexican food which she did not want to eat and then only giving her water, chips and a candy bar. According to the victim, she hid in a closet one day and was found by Erazo who grabbed her by the neck and threw her up against a wall.

Local neighborhood residents say they fear for their children’s safety and that they cannot believe the incident occurred in their backyard.

“I haven’t let her ride the bus, I don’t want her out in the neighborhood, I don’t want her unsupervised,” neighborhood resident Lindsey Smith told Ozarks First.

“To have it literally be in our backyard and can throw a stone at these guys is horrible,” Smith said.

“Horrible, absolutely horrible. We’ve never had anything like this go on,” Smith continued. “We’ve never felt like we really had to lock our doors, lock our cars and watch our kids at night. Just not the town I grew up in anymore.”


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