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Hypocrite Pelosi Makes Her STUPIDEST Move Yet

Wonder what she has to hide?

House Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi has shown her hypocrisy as she has decided she will not release her tax returns.

Since the day President Donald Trump entered The White House, and before, Pelosi has whined about wanting President Trump to release his tax returns.

She even sponsored a bill, H.R. 1, that would require presidential candidates in 2020 and beyond (read President Trump) to release their tax returns.

But now it is she who has decided that she will not unveil her tax returns for the American citizens to review for themselves.

The woman who is the third person in line to be President of The United States is a major hypocrite and has a novel excuse for not sharing her taxes.

Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Drew Hammill told CNSNews that Pelosi “will gladly release her tax returns if and when she runs for president.”

As she is a 79-year-old it is highly unlikely that she will run for president, but, then again, Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders are.

Either way, as the person who is third in line for the presidency, if she wants others to show their tax returns she should lead by example.

CNSNews.com asked Speaker Pelosi’s Press Spokesperson Taylor Griffin and Communications Director Ashley Etienne these questions:

H.R. 1, which Speaker Nancy Pelosi supports, would require the president and vice president to release their current tax return and their tax returns from the last 9 years. It states: “With respect to each taxable year for an individual who is the President or Vice President, not later than the due date for the return of tax for the taxable year, such individual shall submit to the Federal Election Commission a copy of the individual’s income tax returns for the taxable year and for the 9 preceding taxable years.”

Here are my questions:

1. Does Speaker Pelosi support legally requiring the speaker of the House to release his or her tax returns?

2. Will Speaker Pelosi release her tax returns for this year and the previous 9 years? Yes or no?

“H.R. 1 would legally require the president and vice president to release their tax returns. Should House Speaker Pelosi be required to release her tax returns? Yes or no?” CNS News asked Rep. Hakeem Jeffries on Feb. 13.

“Well, that’s a question that I think you should direct to Speaker Pelosi,” Rep. Jeffries said.

Politico caught the exchange and tweeted it. A tweet that caught the attention of Hammill.

Src: The Federalist Papers


  1. Yes she should be required to release her tax returns, then america will see justr how crocked her and her crocked family rely is, and she know it.

    1. Hey, Asshole, trump doesn’t release his tax returns because he has so much to hide. Also, all the people in his admin. who have been subpoenaed and don’t answer is because they don’t want to get the a hole trump in trouble

      1. You really have ignorant,rude response to intelligent important issues . Do your homework as a serious patriotic American citizen.

      2. Hey Asshole, I want to see YOUR tax returns! We all know why the jackass is the symbol for the Dumbocrap party, and you fit right in!

      3. There are no legislative reasons for any president to release his tax returns. Especially anything prior to a presidency. This will be a first and only because Democrats are desperate and have nothing else to go on!

    2. All congressmen/women should be required to supply 10 years of tax returns. I have said this since this whole thing started. I also said Pelosi,Scumer,watters would be the first to say no.
      So now we citizens need to vote them out or seek impeachment for them. They should remember the old saying:
      What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

      1. Amen, but we all know Pelosi is crooked and evil! She’s too old to do this job She needs to go home, and stay home. I’m a taxpayer, like most everyone else, and she doesn’t have the right to waste my money! Build the wall, and we’ll see what happens after that! Protect our Americans first!

    3. If you want a massive amount of bias thrown around then have all the elected officials to submit their tax returns. That said: if we can’t count on the IRS or Congress for that matter to do their job we need to close them both down and move on. If one looks at what a politician portrays in their speeches or organizations that develop videos for them, or like the Clinton’s just hire people to destroy their enemies, opps opponents, this would be a good idea. What we need in this country is more bias misstatements by financial experts.

      1. Pelosi too old for her job? She is the only one I have seen that is NOT afraid of Trump! She can keep up with him – tit for tat – on everything. I really admire her and wish she were a bit younger so she could run for President

    4. THAT IS WHY tRUMP WON’T RELEASE HIS TAX RTNs, BECAUSE HE IS A CRIMINAL,LIER,CON,&A POMPOUS ASS!! If tRumps mouth is moving, then he’s spewing lies period!!

  2. Personally, I believe that the elected Congress people should show their tax returns before they can be elected too. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose.

    1. I totally agree that all elected officials especially in congress and WH should follow the same rules an drew eligibility Reqmts. If they require our POTUS to do that’s why should there be a different set of Reqmts? We can probably guess there is a lot of corruptions in both parties and in general politicians. Pay for play as we have heard many times with regard to Obamas, Clinton’s and most of the Deep State and RHINO’s. We will probably find out who was/is really corrupt and colluding with other countries like Russia, Ukraine, China,etc. My bet is Trump may be the only politically leader that is really doing the right things for our country.


  3. When the elected Congress people show their tax information, then they can ask for the Presidents….What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

  4. Third try to post….
    When the elected Congress people show their tax information then they can request it from our elected President….whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

    1. I agree with you 200%let us see all of them tax returns for last 9 years as well just to see how many of them are in reality practicing what they preach, I would love to see how honest and transparent they are specially those that have been pounding this president for his taxes.

  5. I think any one in the House, Senate, and All Judges from the lower Courts to the Supreme Court needs to have there TAXES to be Published. For the same mount of YEARS that the Demarcates are asking for the President and Vice President if it’s 6 or 9 Years so be it…. They should be the 1st to step up and have them PUBLISHED….

    1. If she released her tax returns EVERYONE would see how much she makes AND how much graft she rakes in every year.

    2. Cheryl don’t ya think that Poster would have to be the size of about 25 thousand billboards ? Between AOC, Cummings, Omar, Tailib, Waters, Pelosi , Sanders plus all the rest of the libs in Congress plus the majority of of the really stupid folks from ” Hollywood ” they would need the space to publish we all the Poster Children adequately?
      I’m sure they would get their little psyches injured if they weren’t mentioned!

  6. There’s no need for this tax return mumbo jumbo. President Trump has led the way in that subject. Not one single return provides enough info to convince me to vote one way or the other. It’s one of those dumb rules most of us question, you know? Kinda like our law on throwing cigarette butts out of car while traveling. Ur never gonna see benefits from such a dumb law because most smokers are to slick to get caught & most police aren’t capable of seeing it happen or looking for that matter. Drop the in between mess and get back to issues that really make America Great Again. We fret on such trivial matters, it’s sad watching people stress over irrelevant subjects.

  7. And people wonder why we have such a dearth of quality people seeking the presidency. The current crop of 2020 candidates don’t qualify to carry waterpots for the founding fathers of our great country. What we have are a bunch of corrupt, self-serving, low iq opportunists whose only real ambition is to enrich themselves and their families, friends, and supporters. If the voters of America didn’t care about President Trump’s taxes, why in the world should members of Congress be entitled to them?

    1. She is “second” in line to be president. The VP is first in line.

    2. Because it’s just an excuse they are using to continue their despicable hypocritical hate filled attempt to find anything they can on the Pres to justify their hate driven attempt to get rid of him ,they are that desperate..

  8. I really don’t worry about tax returns as a private citizen. Every elected official should have to show theirs. Maybe the American public can see how all these career politicians have gotten to be millionaires on a less than $200 thousand dollar a year salary.


  10. Ms Pelosi May be the sorriest excuse for a Speaker we have ever had. She makes up something new about our President just so she and the the rest of her Democrat followers don’t have to tell the citizens what they plan to do to help them.

  11. No one is REQUIRED to produce their records. The CONSTITUTION says what tests for POTUS shall be.
    There are only three (3). Tax records and other personal records are not among the three.

  12. Does anyone know just when this “showing tax reports began?” Did our forefathers have to show theirs. How can seeing anyone’s taxes make or break an elected official? Do you think it makes a difference?

  13. I personally as an American don’t care about President Trump’s taxes..What business is it of the American people anyway? If they (DemoRATS) want to make a big deal about it then ok EVERYONE involved in Congress should have to show their taxes. Just another ploy to cause obstruction. And I don’t believe Pelosi’s bill is worth the paper it was written on. Give it to her to use in the bathroom.

    1. Agree wholeheartedly!
      And bet they ALL use the same dodges! At least the legal ones and Some stretch is as well!
      Let’s face it, why would someone spend millions to get a 160k job if they weren’t hoping to turn it significantly?
      They want a basic pay rate of 15$ an hour , sounds like adequate pay for Congress to me, based on hours actually worked! No wait that would put them all on Welfare!

    2. I agree with Marcia, after all, Trump made his fortune as a private citizen, not like Nancy, Hillary, Chuck, and soooo many others – Cummings, Waters, etc. were in political office on the Public payroll! Show us the Tax Records of the lifelong politicians! Let’s see how Biden and his kiddies -Hunter we are looking at you and your china financial gain- Yes, Nancy (3rd in line) for those who could be president let us see their taxes and those of their families- along with every politician who has been in office more than one term.

  14. She needs to show her tax return like she wants the Pres. To do. HIS IS BUSINES S SHE WON’T KNOW HOW TO READ IT .HER HUSBAND HAS MADE MILLIONS..

  15. Cheryl, you hit the nail on the proverbial head!! It is amazing and frightening and frustrating that someone of Nancy Pelosi’s mentality would be third in line for president of our country. Also, is she just nervous speaking in public or is the woman sick with some undiagnosed neurological disease. She shakes and stumbles over her tongue when she speaks. She doesn’t appear physically or mentally capable of governing a California dog pound much less the president. It is sad she and her Dumacrat buddies are the best caliber of species we have trying to run our government or should I say ruin our government. As a citizen of this United States of America, I am embarrassed and ashamed of my country! Of course,excluding those, especially President Trump, who are diligently trying to lead, promote and protect us, the people, in spite of the Trump-haters causing undue chaos at every bend and turn.

  16. Pelosi you are the biggest whiner ever, everyday you complain about the Russian Hoax. PRESIDENT TRUMP did nothing wrong, yet all of the Democratic party bitch about impeachment. How about doing what you are paid to do and make helpful decisions for your citizens a stop acting so childish. Seriously your party, family and friends need to intervene for your own sake.


  18. Pelosi and her socialist comrades are low life’s just trying to win an election by character assassination and fraud. She’s the biggest thief in congress that’s why she will never give her tax returns for examination!

  19. This is really nothing new for the hypocritical Dim party. They are doing nothing for the people of this nation legislatively other than trying to pass a bill that makes being a sexual deviant a special class and allowing the same bill to deny a persons religious beliefs to be taken in to account in not conforming to the deviants belief system.

  20. At the the bottom of all this conspiracy to undermine Trump and his Administration is the “Cultural Marxist”Globalist agenda to destroy Christian white European and American culture


  22. we do not need tax
    records of millionaires
    who became
    politicians…we need tax
    records of politicians
    who became

  23. we do not need tax
    records of millionaires
    who became politicians
    we need tax records
    of politicians who
    became millionaires

  24. we do not need tax records of millionaires
    who became politicians we need tax records
    0f politicians wo became millionaires

  25. Yes Pelosi and every person in the House of Representatives and the Senate should have the same requirements as the President and Vice President including limiting time in Office, tax returns, citizenship, etc. It is my experience that people that search for problems in other people’s lives are usually the ones that are actually yelling about what they’ve been guilty of themselves.

  26. The Constitution spells out the requirements to be POTUS. There are only three… and tax records and such are not among them. It also says no other tests may be required.

    Anyone and everyone knows that tax records can be “fudged” in favor of the filer. Some of them are legal ways and some of them are not. Moving money to offshore accounts is illegal. Using the tax code to avoid taxes is legal. The difference is between tax evasion and tax avoidance. Businesses have added things like depreciation which spreads losses out over time.

    I wouldn’t trust Pelosi’s word on anything. She reminds my of some drunk bar queen, slurring her words, being loud and obnoxious, forgetting what she was saying, falling off her stool….. She and her husband are wealthy and they got that way off the backs of taxpayers.

  27. I will donate $10,000.00 to any person that provides evidence that leads to the arrest and conviction of any of the following people:
    Scatter brain Nancy Pelosi
    Chuck “the weasel” Schumer
    No Neck Nadler
    Pencil Neck schiff

  28. Personally I don’t think Nancy is smart enough to dress herself. All the democrats are doing is keeping the focus on our wonderful President to kept the focus off their corrupt selves.


  30. People should be realizing who the Democrats really are. Half are liars and hypocrites and the other half should be in jail for their crimes.

  31. Your taxes are nobody’s business! This is the WORST BATCH OF DEMOCRATS EVER! Why are they being paid? They do nothing but act like stupid little 5 year olds, stomping their feet when they don’t get their way. I think we should demand holding their pay and their perks until they do what they were elected to do. Look at all of the time and money they spent in investigating the President about THEIR own made up lies! GROW UP, DO YOUR JOB, OR GET THE HELL OUT!

  32. i still want to know how she made 20 million while oboma was in the white house , i’m pretty sure it was a pay off for passing a billion dollar bill that went to the co. her husband works for

  33. Her tax returns are not the only thing she fears will surface. She and some of the “old timers” up there are scared to death that their past “rendezvous” will eventually be exposed. That is how she became “speaker” again. The old timers couldn’t take the chance of exposure and put the pressure on the “juniors” to get her back in place. Ir would probably be surprising to know just how many “deals” were made in a bedroom.

  34. Yes I think all people in the Congress have to show their taxes for the same time of 10 years. Come on people lets make sure all people in Government has to show their tax returns!

  35. Oh dear, the dim wit speaker will NOT release her returns. That is too damn bad. It seems the demands only go one way. Well, if they want any tax returns to be released then all should be subject to the same demands.

  36. I think that all of them should release their tax returns. If the demand it of Trump and Pence, then they should be willing to do the same, release them. However, perhaps many have something to hide, for example how did some of them acquire more money than what they make as a government employee? I think that the majority does not realize that they are employees and work for us and not their party or themselves. They are all hypocrites.

  37. I think Pelosi is wanting to get rid President Trump and then attack to get rid of VP Pence so she can be first woman President! She is a cunning and undermining person. She is the person that should be charged with obstruction of stopping Congress from doing their daily business for this Great nation. Democrats have stopped the Congress totally.

  38. If the President is required to release his tax returns, then all elected officals should be required to release their tax returns.

  39. Typical of the Democrap’s message to others: “Do as I SAY, not as I DO”.

  40. Aw, but someone should tell Nancy that the Speaker of the House is third in line to the presidency if something should happen to both the president and VP – thus we the people if in her opinion must have the right to see the Tax Returns of anyone who could be president – must also show hers as well!
    She won’t of course as she has been using her position to funnel govt contracts to her husband’s company, using her inside info for investments, etc. for decades. Investigate her and any politician who has been in office for more than one term. Pass that law then you can say Trump must show his Tax returns. Oh and since the Dems also want to see Trump’s kid’s financial info and that of his companies, let’s do the same for them- Hear that Hunter Biden? we are coming after you too!

    Take down the Hypocrites/crooks by using their own methods.

  41. Best watch out pisslocy, Ocasio is out for your job; and gaining every day she talks. She has been driving for your job since day one: She has some DNC people backing her, and is gaining ground behind your back.

  42. Not only should she show her earnings she should be evaluated like they have done Trump. I say evaluate her immediately and throw Schumer in there to for the same thing. Let just see how much cheese is left on their crackers!

  43. Whom ever is requesting to see anyone’s tax return’s then they should show their’s first but truly what difference does it make ! Let’s just use Bernie for an example who bad mouth’s wall street but helped his wife then college get a loan and gee what happen to the loan and the college ? Then while running for pres he acquired another home now how many does he have !
    Well then let’s address this ” why do we here in America pay to house and feed illegal’s but leave the Vet’s who fought for this country homeless and foodless on the street ???
    Why Why Why
    And why do the Democrat’s care more for illegal’s than our Vet’s or us American’s ???

  44. Since this is such a big concern – then they should lead by example & every member of the senate & house should release theirs And that should be a requirement for anyone wanting to run for any of these offices.

  45. I am looking forward to see who is indicted, plea bargains, rats on their co-conspirators, and most of all how many years they get for treason against our republic, and the smear campaign against President Trump. I expect their will be a cornucopia of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    It would do my heart good to see Hillary, Obama and Biden get the prison time they all deserve, but I know that will never happen. To many people would wind up mysteriously dead, for that to happen.

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