The individual behind the #WalkAway movement just said something that has left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shaking in terror.

Brandon Straka, a gay man who used to be a Democrat until he noticed how the Party divides and vilifies groups, has been an influential voice in freeing Democrat minorities from their chains.

Straka made the rounds on various shows on Fox News and other networks preaching the truth about his former party.

But not only that. Straka began his campaign and had it go viral using video and the Internet.

That is why his announcement on Wednesday that he is seriously considering running against Ocasio-Cortez is a major blow to the Democrats.

Straka is young and Internet savvy and is capable of battling Ocasio-Cortez where she lives, in the world of the Internet.

As a middle class minority, a regular person with a regular job like her, Ocasio-Cortez’s main weapons would be neutralized.

And as anyone who has heard Straka speak can tell you, he speaks intelligently and actually knows his facts.

It would be remarkably tough for her to fight someone who can battle her in her own world and can articulate the facts in a way she cannot.

Straka insisted that he is truly considering running and it is not him kidding around.

“I’m considering running against @AOC in 2020 in NY state’s 14th congressional district,” he said.

Conservative news website Chicks on the Right asked him if he was serious about it.

“Please don’t be joking please don’t be joking please don’t be joking. DO THIS DO IT DO IT DO IT,” the news site said.

“Not a joke. I never wanted a career in politics. But I would consider this because I’m probably the only NYer who could go up against her and stop this crazy fringe leftist train from further infiltrating our government and reverse its course,” Straka wrote.

“The amount of joy that the thought of you running brings me cannot be overstated,” the site wrote.