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Hollywood FREAKS OUT After Trump’s Threat

They’re finally waking up and seeing what President Trump has been saying the whole time.

Pop icon Cher said Sunday that Los Angeles, California, “can’t take care of its own” residents, much less newly arrived illegal and legal immigrants.

Cher said she failed to understand how the city of Los Angeles in the sanctuary state of California could afford to admit and take care of any more immigrants when city officials have failed to care for homeless, veterans, and poverty-stricken Americans.

“I Understand Helping struggling Immigrants,but MY CITY (Los Angeles) ISNT TAKING CARE OF ITS OWN.WHAT ABOUT THE 50,000+Citizens WHO LIVE ON THE STREETS.PPL WHO LIVE BELOW POVERTY LINE,& HUNGRY? If My State Can’t Take Care of Its Own(Many Are VETS)How Can it Take Care Of More,” Cher said.

The post came after President Trump threatened to bus border crossers and illegal aliens into sanctuary cities and states, like California, if the country’s asylum laws were not changed. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed that the White House is considering the plan.

In response, Democrat mayors across the country — like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Oakland, California Mayor Libby Schaaf — have welcomed bringing illegal aliens and border crossers to their cities.

While left-wing mayors say they will continue to admit any and all illegal and legal immigrants, Los Angeles is home to the second largest homeless population in the country, second to only New York City. About 50,000 residents of Los Angeles are homeless and about 7.5 percent of California’s American Veteran population is homeless.

As the city remains crippled by homelessness and skyrocketing housing costs, Los Angeles metro area is also home to the second largest illegal alien population — with nearly a million illegal aliens living in the region, according to Pew Research Center.

Last year, economists at Deakin University found that immigration — both illegal and legal — drives up housing prices on average, with the researchers writing “we find no evidence that house prices sink as a result of immigration.”

Src: Breitbart


  1. In other words they are all for immigrants as long as they don’t come to THEIR state. Hey, dems. Your hypocrisy is showing.

    1. NO, do NOT bring in any more illegals.
      How is that going to help anything by bringing MORE of them into the U.S.
      We ALREADY have too many, move THEM (the ones already here) to the “Sanctuary cities”.

  2. All of those that are vocal about open borders are all for it until it affects them personally. Not only should all illegals entering the country be sent to California, so should those that are already here. California is already equipped to handle a large Hispanic population and has support systems already in place.

  3. I don’t doubt that New York state would be happy to receive more illegals. The state congress just killed a bill that would have provided free tuition to Gold Star Families (i.e.: those families that have had a husband, father, wife, mother, son, or daughter killed in military action) just a week after they passed a bill that contained $27 million for free tuition for illegal immigrants.

  4. All supporters of illegals should take a family into their home and support them.

  5. Pelosi doesn’t like walls so lets tear down the one around her house! She likes open boarders and illegal aliens so lets ship a couple thousand of them to her and let them set up camp on her property. I bet she would change her fucking tune real quick!!!!!!

  6. Democrat, the Pickpocket Party believes that breaking our laws is a good policy unless breaking those laws hurts them! Soon they will try to tax the air you breathe.

  7. All politicians and public officials who do not support a legitimate, and effective fence on the entire U.S.-Mexican border, should have all fences and walls around their dwellings removed.

  8. You are right Cher, until are country is able to take care of the homeless, Vets and poverty stricken Americans we need to close the borders and not allow anyone else especially illegals into our country. Enough is enough!!!!

  9. They wanted to pull away from the remainder of the USA and be Sanctuary Cities well they can now burden the illegals that Obama and them opened the doors to the remainder of the non-Sanctuary cities. Do you understand that you should take care of your own, you say 70% of the Vets are homeless, WHY? They are the reason you sit on your ass and do nothing to help them WHY? They are the reason you have freedoms and I do not understand why, are you special, talking to the crying Mayors of these cities!

  10. Well well, Hollywood the stars downtown hangout with foot prints and finger prints of new and old stars sounds concerned. Well they should be, they have allowed so many homeless in their sanctuary taking over their walk of the stars imagine 500 or 600 families who just came over the fence with kids and not a penny in their pockets needing all that good old liberal bleeding heart welfare, housing, medical, food stamps needing social services that are not available to the average American taxpayer. Wake up you morons tell California to help build the wall and stop this obvious insanity you seem to have supported through your hate for President Trump. We conservatives are just waiting for all the crying you people will do after Trump’s present of illegals into your city. Can’t wait!

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